My Identity Transcends Resurrection

GodReflection: Power Words

garyguarujaI don’t recall God precisely speaking to this in Scripture.

Maybe it is so obvious there is no need.

It could be every page in my Bible speaks it between the lines.

I’ve known it all along but have never attempted to express it.

Perhaps with age the contrast increases.

identity12I am me.

I am who I was as a child. I am soul.

Sure, as a kid I was a more immature version. Yes, through the years I acquired maturity and a certain set of skills. However, I feel great continuity to the “me” on the playground of Hillcrest Elementary School.

identity3I think what bothers me with age is the attempt to correlate my eternal soul—that feels as young as “me” did when I played childhood tag with a heart that has matured, a body in massive decline, and a mind that has lost some of its quickness.

Here is what I think.

My body will continue its decline as I increase in years. As a body part, the brain that allows my mind to function while on earth will likewise decline with age. Both body and brain became terminal with the Eden exit.

identity1My soul will not grow old. It will pass intact from this life to the next. I will continue to be who I am.

What will change is my heart. I suppose my heart started its transformation when the Holy Spirit entered in.  I wish my heart-growth could be further along. However, it is what it is. I suspect that is my fault rather than the fault of the Spirit.

My expectation is to see additional heart/spirit progress. A limitation of life and my Eden heart means my God-turned heart will not reach its greatest potential this side of the grave.

identity15Here is how I see it. Both body and mind will decline with age. My heart (spirit) will increase in its capacity to beat more like the heart of Jesus. And, I will still be the me I have known all of my life.

Now, finally the best news:

identity19After the resurrection, my heart will reach its full capacity to beat in precise rhythm with Jesus’ heart—and my mind and body will be sharp and eternal. And—I will still be me.

All of that combined makes identity a personal word of power to guide my walk.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on the Power Word Identity.

I’m Soul

GodReflection: Power Words

garyguarujaCompared to time spent on body maintenance I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about my soul.

I spend huge amounts of time housing my body, transporting it, keeping it warm, groomed, rested, clothed, well, and fed.  My body needs maintenance and other than exercise, I use a large portion of each day taking care of it.

soul7We tend to think of the soul as invisible. It is not. It is the real me. My thoughts and my speech originate in my soul. The breath of God breathed it into me and I became a living soul. More important for me, my soul is the place where the Holy Spirit of God abides.

Jesus counseled not to fear a person who might harm my life because no one can touch my soul. It is only in danger if I hand it over to Satan.

I stood by the bed of a son and my dad at the exact moment their souls departed. In both cases, it was a struggle to escape bodies diseased by Satan’s garden deception. After the exit of the spirit, a holy calm lay over the bodies. Each body had served its purpose while the soul lives on.

My body is not the real me. It is only my temporary dwelling. The real me is my eternal soul.

On one occasion Jesus told His disciples, he ate bread they knew nothing about. They were confused. Did Jesus have a stash of bagels under the boat seat? Another time Jesus told a woman, He had living water that cured thrust. His water provides eternal hydration.

Jesus provides soul food.

soul2Question—do I spend sufficient time with Jesus to care for my soul or do I spend more days than I should focused only on the needs of my body? It is a strange economy of time to care for the temporal and neglect the eternal.

Daily my soul needs the spinach of God’s Word. I must consume the protein that comes from meditating on God’s Grace. I want to refresh my soul from the milk of Jesus love. I readily take in deep breaths of eternal hope. My chocolate dessert is time spent in prayer. Being attentive to the needs of others builds the spirit of goodness in my soul.

My soul must look constantly into the mirror of Jesus to take on the reflection of His image.

soul5God’s desire is for my soul to live clothed within a new heavenly body. He wants you there too. Let’s arrive with a healthy soul.

Each day when I awake I want to remember that Jesus came to save my soul—the real me. To remember I am soul is a powerful word to orient my daily walk.

What do you do to tune your soul?

Stay Tuned.

Dr. Gary J Sorrells – A GodReflection on Soul as a Power Word.