December Sabbatical GodReflection


garyguarujaI found this definition of sabbatical:

“a period of paid leave granted to a college teacher for study or travel, traditionally every seventh year.” 

I do not receive pay to blog.

sabbatical1I am no longer a college teacher.

I haven’t yet spent seven years on my blog site.

Neither study nor travel is my objective over the next 30 days.

However, I’ve granted myself a Sabbatical that fits none of its definition. 

I am taking a December Sabbatical for the noble purpose of taking a break.

I will resume my GodReflection blog on January 7 the birthday of my favorite older sister. (I also have a favorite younger sister.)

Tentatively, I will begin 2015 on a three day per week schedule.

Mondays, I want to reflect on times past, present, and future, when God Breaks In.

On Wednesdays, my intent is to reflect further on the Power Word Series. I remain intrigued at the power behind a God driven vocabulary. Followers of the Holy guide their lives by a dictionary of the Holy.

The focus of Fridays will be Its Jesus. Since Jesus walked the earth to show us the heart and face of God, I wonder why he is not the first place we look for our clues on how to live and worship rather than to the rules and traditions set by past and current generations. Some of those rules we even take erroneously from Scripture.sabbatical2

May God make your own holidays rich in Him.

My plan is to begin to think once again on January 7. Until then I will try not to ponder while on my self-defined and self-assigned sabbatical.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – December Sabbatical GodReflection