Soul Mates: Strength, Mind, Heart

GodReflection: Is It Well With My Soul?
“You stir us to take pleasure in praising you, because you have made us for yourself, and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” ― Augustine of Hippo, Confessions

gary-portraitIn my culture I often hear a desirable home described as one with an open floor plan. The idea is a home where family time is not hindered by walls. The kitchen, and other spaces where we eat and congregate are open to family flow. The open concept is designed to promote soulmates4warmth and interaction.

It seems to me the interface within family space is a good way to describe what takes place in my soul. Remember, my soul is me. It does not consist of separate rooms but rather is an open concept where body, heart and mind live as soul mates in the present of the Holy Spirit of Father and Son.

soulmate2I am drawn back to the house of my childhood at 511 North Second Street. I didn’t know it at the time but the linear placement of kitchen, dining room and front room (known today as a living room) could be described well as open concept living.

In addition to family space, our little remodeled wood frame government barracks moved from a local airfield had three small bedrooms and two minimal bathrooms. Non-insulated walls and thin doors facilitated instant dialogue from any point within.

Anyone who has ever lived in family knows there are lots of rough edges that grind against siblings, parents and whoever else may be housed under the roof. The commonality among all who reside there is togetherness. We are housemates. The take and give of members is a refinement process for all who bump and collide within.
My Second Street house provides a symbolic image for my soul. Within my soul is housed strength, mind and heart.

Jesus taught that I am to Love the Lord your God with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my strength and with all my mind (Luke 10:27).

Body strength and health or the lack thereof is felt in my soul. My body affects my soul in ways I don’t completely understand. My mind is the conscious space in my soul. It is the soulmate10processor for every thought. Then there is my heart.

How do I describe my heart? Could it be that my heart serves as the sanctuary of my soul? It is where good (God) dwells. As in all of life my sanctuary has a long way to go to become the perfect uncompromised home of the Holy.

Here is what I think. The soul mates of heart, mind and strength interact within my Holy framed soul barracks. When we live in Jesus His Spirit and the Father’s Spirit take up residence in our soul. Throughout the process of life our heart, mind and strength bump and collide within. As these soulmates mingle together the resident Holy works on the rough edges.

soulmate12The end result will be a perfect soul that operates at full strength with a flawless mind and a heart fully dominated by the Holy. And to think I will be the recipient of all this perfection and enjoy it on the new earth in the presence of Father and Son in a relationship that will be beyond my current comprehension.

Sounds like my soulmates are in for an eternal treat when all the restlessness settles into rest within the embrace of the Holy. Seems as if all pain that comes from life’s refinement will be worthwhile. What do you think?
Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells
A GodReflection: Soul Mates: Strength, Mind, Heart.

Lovely words

20161004_150844 (2)The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to the inmost parts. –Proverbs 18:8

Why have I used a negative verse as my entry? Because I want to use the same principle to bless. What if instead of gossip, we glowed with lovely words? They too go down like choice morsels into our innermost parts, and will have the added benefits of blessing.

Our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, so I picture our mind as the outer courts, and our heart, the Holy of Holies where the Holy Spirit dwells. Our words emanate from our personal Holy of Holies.

These are the days to gather together and encourage each other with our hugs and lovely words.

May the words every day of my life be words of life and love.

I want to depart and talk about funny words that can bless and lift up always. My mother my aunt have been some of the funniest ladies I have known the last half century! From day one, they have laughed and enjoyed each other. We spent some time recently with my aunt and uncle and my cousins, and it was not only uplifting spiritually, but soothed the soul, and comforted the body and mind.

Lovely words do just that! They lift up all around them. A caveat: Even the lovely have tough times and need times of renewal and grieving. But when the grieving is over, the lovely have even lovelier words to share.

I am amazed at God’s economy, giving us a range of emotions and experiences to share with our lovely words. May my words go down like delicious bits to feed and sweeten the soul, like Jesus did. May I not worry about the adversary or adversarial situations, but learn to turn difficulties into blessings.

Thank you Jesus for showing us how to use our words, make corrections, give the grace we’ve been given, and receive the mercy we don’t deserve that we may show mercy to others. And in it all, may our hearts be filled with the Holy Spirit more deeply each day, the maker of Lovely Words!



The Miracle of Forgiveness

20161004_150844 (2)How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! –Luke 23:34/AMP

We seek to know a love that holds no record of wrong.

We seek a love that knows no fear.

There is no fear in love.

-Ted Dekker / The Forgotten Way (@theforgottenway)

Raising a teen has been full of wonder and humility. We still laugh at mispronunciations. Monika got in the car and gave some bad news which I won’t go into. But she said “A lady in hair curlers…”


I said, “Hair curlers?”

She laughed, “No.” And tried once more, “Head curlers.”

“Head curlers”? I repeat.

She laughed again and came out with something different.

“Headquarters!” I said.

“Yes!” and we both laughed for a long time.


Mistakes happen in all shapes and sizes. Have you ever felt trapped, missed the mark and wondered why you fell for something so foolish when you knew better? I think of Paul’s great dissertation about the same thing in Romans 7:14-25. But as a discerning Christian, I immediately know it is sin in me that needs fixing, and only Jesus can fix it in a way that it is known to others.

Forgiveness is freeflowing, starting from Christ’s finished work on the Cross and flows until now. He stamps FORGIVEN, each and every time I miss the mark and confess my mistep. What’s more amazing is the forgiveness I receive for those things that I don’t know I am doing incorrectly. Yet, in His mercy, He gently offers the correction, confidence and reminds me of my position of place in His Kingdom here and now and forevermore.

It is miraculous! He exonerates me and you! How much more, then should I be so to anyone else, friend or adversary, particularly those in love with Jesus who come from a different place and see the same God from a different facet on the gem of truth. Truth does not change, but perspectives can the closer we get to the gem; they get clearer. Imagine the differences in perspective the apostles may have had, but for the sake of the unity of the church, they came together, worked things out in prayer and were strengthened. Imagine the forgivenss that was freeflowing.

It delights God to forgive a penitent heart, and strengthen the body of Christ through unconditional love.


In the same way, I tell you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents [that is, changes his inner self—his old way of thinking, regrets past sins, lives his life in a way that proves repentance; and seeks God’s purpose for his life]. – Luke 15:10/AMP

Following the story mentioned above of the woman who found the lost coin is the story of the Prodigal Son.


In the end, the father runs to the returning son, puts a ring on his finger and asks his older son to plan a party. The father was energized to see his son return. But the older son surprisingly was unhappy, a spiritual prodigal who “did it right,” but felt unappreciated until the father declared, SON, YOU ARE ALWAYS WITH ME, AND ALL THAT IS MINE IS YOURS. But it was fitting to celebrate and rejoice, for this brother of yours WAS [as good as] DEAD AND HAS BEGUN TO LIVE. He was lost and has been found. – Luke 15:31a-32/AMP (emphasis mine)


Ted Dekker makes the point in Section 2, Part 3 of his book The Forgotten Way, that both sons were in a grievous situation; one rebelled, the other judged, and yet the Father forgave both, happy to have his sons under his roof again. I think of Christ commissioning his disciples to bring Heaven to earth, and what is more Heavenly than a clean slate?

imagesTed Dekker states Today I stand whole and complete, for I am new, I am risen, I am in Christ.

In the1997 book Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala, he speaks of a missing element today in many churches. Power. (





…Acts 4: “Stretch out your hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders…”


pexels-photo-380283In Chapter 9, Cymbala goes on to tell the story of a homeless man who wanted no money. He only wanted the Jesus he heard about at the meeting. He was so transformed that he eventually married and at the time of the book’s publishing, he was in charge of 10 maintenance people at the church.

Cymbala challenges Christians to believe in the power of miracles and at the top is the power to receive God’s forgiveness and offer forgiveness. It’s transformational because it delights God’s heart.


Jesus is the way, the truth and life through the power of offering forgiveness. The Heart of the Father is delighted more everyday one more heart turns towards Him, accepting Christ’s forgiveness and offering it freely allows the Holy Spirit to work wonders in our lives. It sets all parties free and grows grace.


My Identity Transcends Resurrection

GodReflection: Power Words

garyguarujaI don’t recall God precisely speaking to this in Scripture.

Maybe it is so obvious there is no need.

It could be every page in my Bible speaks it between the lines.

I’ve known it all along but have never attempted to express it.

Perhaps with age the contrast increases.

identity12I am me.

I am who I was as a child. I am soul.

Sure, as a kid I was a more immature version. Yes, through the years I acquired maturity and a certain set of skills. However, I feel great continuity to the “me” on the playground of Hillcrest Elementary School.

identity3I think what bothers me with age is the attempt to correlate my eternal soul—that feels as young as “me” did when I played childhood tag with a heart that has matured, a body in massive decline, and a mind that has lost some of its quickness.

Here is what I think.

My body will continue its decline as I increase in years. As a body part, the brain that allows my mind to function while on earth will likewise decline with age. Both body and brain became terminal with the Eden exit.

identity1My soul will not grow old. It will pass intact from this life to the next. I will continue to be who I am.

What will change is my heart. I suppose my heart started its transformation when the Holy Spirit entered in.  I wish my heart-growth could be further along. However, it is what it is. I suspect that is my fault rather than the fault of the Spirit.

My expectation is to see additional heart/spirit progress. A limitation of life and my Eden heart means my God-turned heart will not reach its greatest potential this side of the grave.

identity15Here is how I see it. Both body and mind will decline with age. My heart (spirit) will increase in its capacity to beat more like the heart of Jesus. And, I will still be the me I have known all of my life.

Now, finally the best news:

identity19After the resurrection, my heart will reach its full capacity to beat in precise rhythm with Jesus’ heart—and my mind and body will be sharp and eternal. And—I will still be me.

All of that combined makes identity a personal word of power to guide my walk.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on the Power Word Identity.