Let’s Honor Scripture

GodReflection – Let’s Honor Scripture

aboutOver the past eight months my purpose within GodReflection has been to look at ways I contribute to the lack of unity in Christ’s church and to make corrections in my daily walk.

I have attempted to dig into my own church traditions, the manner in which I interpret Scripture, my soul, my cultural context, my attitude, my prejudices, and Scripture itself, to look for insight that might open my own heart to closer alignment to Jesus prayer for unity of believers.

I discovered a thing or two along the way that will help me grow in my walk with Jesus as I move toward the finish line of time spent in the body I inherited from Adam.

Beginning today and continuing through the next five posts I will move toward a wrap on my unity exploration. This post will be the first of six summations that will conclude for now my written unity journey.

I want to honor Scripture.scripture2

Doesn’t that sound lofty?

Really, I want to honor Scripture. Frankly, the thought of honest honor of Scripture is more than a little intimidating.

Each time I read from Scripture I want to see it with fresh eyes. I want to be aware that I am hearing God’s Word through the lens of my entire life experience.  To be fair, there is no other way I can hear.

My dad’s work as a general contractor caused me to grow up around building sites. The majority of jobs included the mixing of cement. Depending on the needed outcome, we mixed cement with sand of different amounts and textures.

screenbox1A tool for a good outcome was a simple window screen nailed to a wooden frame. To reach a smooth mixture of concrete we shoveled coarse sand into the framed screen box.  Fine sand rained down through the screen as it separated out unwanted particles. This fine sand mixed with correct amounts of cement and water made the perfect product.

I am learning to read scripture in a similar manner. As the Holy Spirit guides me into truth, I try to sift out the pebbles attached to me by all the influences that make me who I am.

It is in the process of screening Holy words through my life that helps me grow toward giving greater honor to Scripture. Scripture is not to be worshipped it is to be honored.

When I mix Scripture with generous grace and the Holy, daily living becomes a much better product.

Here is what I believe.

The more I operate from a humble spirit to separate the grains of my environment from the fine sand of God’s Holy Will, the greater will be the possibility I can find points of unity with God’s children.

I want to honor the entirety of Scripture for what it says as well as honor its silence. This one act will increase my harmony with the body.

I will not demand that others Christian siblings see their walk with Jesus as identical to my place on the road. I seek unity not uniformity. If I am to honor Scripture, I must trust there is power within to grow each of us at the pace of the Holy Spirit.

Yes, as I proceed down the path of my attempt to live in unity with the Godhead and with fellow believers, I drive a stake into my life here and now to honor Scripture and let the Holy Spirit used it as my guide to help me learn to live in unity.

I look forward to a time when all of God’s children will clasp hands as one church formed by seeds from the cross.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – Reflecting on Cross Church.