Let’s Have an Advent Year

GodReflection: God Breaks In Monday

garyguarujaMy introduction today is redundant with the past two posts.  However, to place today’s post in context I want to highlight the three lines of inquiry I intend to excavate through the GodReflection blog in 2015.

God Breaks In Mondays will reflect on times past, present, and future, when the Holy visits earth. What are those implications for me?

On Power Word Wednesdays, my intent is to reflect further on the power words that shape my walk on earth. I remain intrigued at the power behind a God driven vocabulary. Followers of the Holy guide their lives by a dictionary of the Holy.

Jesus walked the earth to show me the heart and face of God. I designed Its Jesus Friday to help me see Jesus as the first place I look for clues on how to live and worship rather than to the rules and traditions set by past and current generations.

Thus, I begin with my first 2015 Monday post on God Breaks In.

advent intro7When I allow myself only to live in the here and now of Christ’s church, I find it is like sealing off the entrance to a deeded diamond mind, never to be aware of the brilliant gems that are mine for discovery.

Deep in the tunnels of the church the gem of Advent appeared.

Starting in the 5th and 6th Centuries the Latin Church began to celebrate anew the Advent of God entering the world.

The church celebrated God’s historic acts of breaking into history and the anticipation of the final event when God through Jesus will break into history one final time to judge and to restore creation for eternity.

Although, I’ve never heard it referred to in this manner there is a sense in which Paul’s letter to the Roman church is the greatest document ever written on Advent.

advent intro 12It tells of Adam’s sin and God’s “Break in” into a world estranged from its Creator. God breaks into His own story to reconnect with His condemned creation through Abraham, the children of Israel, and the Promise.

The Roman letter tells of God breaking into His world through Jesus, through resurrection, and through the Spirit. The letter tells of God breaking into His story to make eternal salvation available to all humankind who will align their lives to Him through His Son Jesus.

Toward the end of the treatise Paul reminds the church of the expectant end-time return when God will break into His world to Judge.

I stand in the company of all God followers of all time who attempt to grasps even the smallest insight into an Advent God who breaks onto the scene of His world to benefit His creation.

During 2015 as I write each Monday’s GodReflection blog I want to reflect on times past, present, and future, when God Breaks In.

advent intro9Scripture shares dramatic occasion when God makes contact with humankind to make known His love and His future design to restore a fallen world.

God is not a “wind up God” who set His world in motion and walked off. Rather, He is our active, ever-present, loving Creator who breaks into the world watching over my walk every millisecond of the journey.

I so anticipate the final advent of God that at this point in life it is what sustains me. I can hardly wait for His return. I suspect I will be a mixture of the emotions of fear, joy, anticipation, awe, and unworthness.

I invite you to reflect along with me each Monday morning during 2015 as together we watch, God Break In. Let’s have an Advent year.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on an Advent Year.

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