The Covenant House of Love

Moses, 10 Commandments, Statue

And Moses took the blood and threw it on the people and said, “Behold the blood of the covenant that the LORD has made with you in accordance to all these words…–Exodus 24:8/ESV

But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the LORD: I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people. –Jeremiah 31:33/ESV

God’s House is permanent. His blueprint was hinted at in the Old Testament. It’s a permanent House for the soul and the spirit. The body lives in this House until it is shed for its resurrected version to come later.

Fantasy, Castle, Cloud, Sky, Tower

This House is the Kingdom of God.

Picture the Old Testament as a telescope, binoculars looking at the new Kingdom from far away outposts, but not sure of what they are really looking for. And yet, by faith, from the land of the Old Covenant, they looked, they envisioned, they hoped.

Repent of your sins and turn to God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near –Matthew 3:2/NIV

When the last prophet, John the Baptist came – Jesus’s cousin, he helped the faithful into the Foyer of the House, so to speak. He baptized, immersing one’s outer body for a removal of our mistakes made in and out of the body. This was to prepare humanity to enter The Grand House which was around the corner; The House where God’s Spirit would be set free for all to accept. The Torah through the age of the prophets contained pre-Christ appearances as well as God’s Spirit Who settled on His select. But after this approaching day, all humanity would have the opportunity to not only clothe themselves in this Spirit, but one’s own spirit and soul could now drink deeply from its inner well.

The House Owner didn’t look like anyone expected. He didn’t drive a gilded chariot, wasn’t coiffed, armored up nor came with speeches written by professionals that curated what needed to be said.

Galaxy, Fog, Kosmus, Universe, Milky Way

He was God come in flesh, the One prophesied of old, the One who was there from the beginning of time according to the first chapter of the Gospel of John. A man at the age of 30 with the wisdom of the ancients didn’t only bring Truth, but hope and lived the Old Covenant perfectly as to be the only human sacrifice God ever demanded.

Dying on Jewish Passover and being raised on the third day confirmed his death. A Roman leader of high standing, a Centurion certified his death before his precious body was removed from the cross for burial.

Resurrection, Jesus, Yeshua, Tomb, Wall

He was not resuscitated, but raised from a state of complete human death as God and by God. He was clothed in the new body that we will all have one day; immortal, yet able to eat, laugh, talk, feel and be transported in one instant from one place to another, possibly like what was done on Star Trek.

Acts 1

Believers and non-believers not only witnessed him connecting with people for 40 days, both Christian and secular historians documented sightings of the risen LORD. (See the writings of Justin Josephus).

He ascended into Heaven and promised to return, but not before God’s Spirit would be poured out on all nations. The disciples, who were eventually known as apostles – the pillars who carried Truth, having seen the risen Lord, were now in a waiting period for the next 10 days.

Acts 2

Mosaic, Image, Art, Christen, Believe

Ten days later, the faithful Jews gathered at the Temple in Jerusalem to celebrate the feast of Pentecost – where Moses descended from Mount Sinai bringing the tablets of stone containing the Ten Commandments. On that day, 3,000 were killed for worshiping a golden calf rather than remaining faithful to Yahweh. Now, the story took a redeeming twist.

The apostles had no clue what was going to happen. As they stood in the temple courts and God’s Spirit filled them, manifesting as flames of fire above their heads, the men began speaking about the Christ in different languages. The people, confounded, knew these were uneducated men, but many believed.

This was the day that The House was open to all on earth. Three thousand were immersed for their belief in Christ as the Jewish-predicted Messiah; they received God’s Holy Spirit internally, entering into The House.

People, Earth, Map, Boy, Cooperation

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it –Psalm 24:1/NIV

The House, the Kingdom of God is so much more than a building or group; it’s everywhere Kingdom subjects are, and they are everywhere. I once heard a minister say this, but cannot recall who he was or I’d credit him.

The world has some interesting things, but it also has way more good than not; so many people who stepped up this past year in 2020 to help those affected by societal and Covid ills. These are God’s hands and feet at work. There have been more discoveries, inventions, start-ups, medical advances, groups who rescue the troubled, explorations and so much more than in any other time in history. It’s my job to focus on and report the excellent that is. There’s also so much that I don’t know about Kingdom subjects, but better understand today that there are way more out there than calculable. I’ve been honored to live in different countries and parts of the US, and without fail, there have been Kingdom subjects encouraging me along.

Venice, Steeple, City, Apocalyptic

Romans 2:13-16 speaks of those who obey their moral compass even when not knowing God, and will be defended by such when meeting God. In effect, upon doing so are living out Kingdom principles by virtue of paying attention to their inner light of creation; the conscious. It also turns one around when heading in a wrong direction in ignorance, by accident, discouragement or outright rebellion. God’s inner design for each of us is so filled with loving grace because His desire is to hold every human close to His heart and connect us to one another as we make this journey of life together. It’s that delightful feeling we call community.

As Stevie Wonder sings, Preachers, keep on preaching, and missionaries, keep going out, and yet, may we be at peace when doing so for The House is here. May I keep the doors open for all who want to enter it and be humble enough to recognize those who are already in The House.

Child, Reading, Bible, Bed, African

Today it seems there may be many interpretations, many Houses, but are there? If the Bible were to be reduced, the Apostles creed certainly captures it all. Could it be that the interpretations are the same; that way more than I’ve ever imagined recognize and live in The House? Rather, could it be that what is happening is that there are many expressions or applications by those who live in The House? The basic interpretation predicted the Messiah from of old, born of a virgin, conceived by the Holy Spirit, lived without one mistake and took our trespasses on after a mock trial by being executed on Passover, resurrected on day three and ascended into Heaven 40 days later after 500 plus witnesses saw Him; ten days later, the keys to The House were given to Peter who opened the doors for all of us to enter who have lived since and before that precious Pentecost day. The many expressions come in the form of choices we’re given by grace when it comes to leadership, worship and daily living.

Peace, Animal, Bird, Cooperation, Dove

May God give us all the wisdom and peace to unify in the essentials and accept and show grace in the non-essentials, giving each other the benefit of the doubt.

This isn’t about what divides people, but what unites us; the Love of God as described in 1 Corinthian 13. It is a Love I saw growing up and is still alive, not only in my fellowship, but in sibling fellowships. It is also found in those who may not know God but exemplify His Love by obeying their inner good. Is that not so God? To create free-thinking beings who not only are as unique as snowflakes, but have in common birth, given life choices and death; Love binding us all together no matter our experiences.

Ekg, Electrocardiogram, Anatomy, Aorta

Love is the root of purpose, the motivator of forgiveness, the force behind creating great ideas, content and inventions, and above all, the source of human life. In the end, Love is the aroma that permeates the House of God below and above Heaven.


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