Life Buoys

It, Seal, Bay, San Diego, Bouy, Bouy

No one else can really know how sad or happy you are –Proverbs 14:10/CEV

Joy is like a buoy to me. It’s the container for all emotions. The weightier ones balance the lighter ones.

Lament, grief, sorrow, sadness, ill-feelings, melancholy…well, they fall below the water line.

Happiness, gratitude, glee, adulation, excitement are like a helium-like substance, keeping the upper half above the water line.

As Christians, we are like life buoys in this vast see of life. If we find our buoy upside down, sometimes we need help righting it. We too can help others upright when in a precarious situation from a simple smile, encouragement or offering if we have to share. I know my life’s been beyond blessed by those who’ve helped my life buoy stay steady.

Thank you God for you Love and for the love of those who care when my buoy needs a little attention.


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