Grace, Greed and Magnetic Pull

GodReflection: Is Grace Still Amazing?

A handy tool stands in the corner to the right of my desk. There is a story behind it. Not only is it useful but my clever gadget provides a picture of God’s grace.

Years ago, I saw that my office could use such an invention. Off to the hardware store I went in search of just the right parts. The solution came in a 28-inch piece of Dowel Rod, a wood screw, a metal washer, and a chrome encased three-inch circular magnet.

My supply list of four items made the perfect tool to retrieve dropped paper clips and stray staples from the carpet of my office floor. I will return to my masterly magnet but first some thoughts on greed.

Our modern society does not have much use for the word greed. It is not a word we claim as descriptive of our personhood. We like to limit its use as an attack word for corporations, opponent politicians, and what we perceive as rival governments.

When it comes to my own self, I rationalize greed with softer words like attractive, deserve, fulfillment, necessary, and need. Phrases as “a once in a lifetime opportunity” and “must have” also provide a useful diversion to avoid the ownership of greed as one of my sins.

Both Holy Scripture and life experience stand in vivid testimony to the reality of greed-clips and greed-staples in our lives. Our Eden genes deeply plant the illusive desire for more as a false substitute for The Holy. Our more generates greed.

When I succumb to marketers, advertisements, and sales gimmicks short circuits of greed can be placed inside my soul by Satan like the one that caused the first failed temptation. Do I buy into greed or grace?

Grace is the cleansing pull of God’s magnetic love. The closer I walk with him, the more my dropped greed-clips and stray greed-staples are pulled from my path by The Holy.

Rather than my fear of a God with a big stick to beat me down in my imperfection, Jesus shows God to be a Holy Friend who walks beside me with an extended magnet of cleansing grace.

By his Holy Spirit implanted in me for growth, his grace-magnet draws away the grime of greed piece by piece. It allows me to anticipate my Eternal Future—a time when I will walk with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit on a restored earth within a restored Holy Universe.

Each time I reach for the clever magnet at the right of my desk may it serves as a reminder of the power of cleansing grace and his eternal promise.

What reminds you of grace that cleanses greed? I would love to hear from you.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection on Grace and Greed

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