The Perfect Eraser—A Gift from God

GodReflection: Is Grace Still Amazing?

The day arrived. Mrs. Page greeted me at the door. I was six years old and ready to begin first grade at Hillcrest Elementary School.

I skipped kindergarten and went directly into first grade—not because I was extra bright. My suspicion is that since New Mexico received statehood only thirty-five years prior to my birth; kindergarten was not yet a state nor city priority.

Mrs. Page set out to teach us to write. In each child’s box of school supplies was an oversize pencil without an eraser. With the big pencil gripped in little hands between thumb and forefinger, carefully she guided her small students to make proper strokes.

No need for an eraser. With Mrs. Page’s touch proudly, we make our first letters.

However, when set free to practice, stumbles and failed strokes were part of the process. Quickly, I saw the need to dig into my school supplies and find the large eraser.

That little tool became a lifelong friend. Only God knows how many erasers I have used and abused over a lifetime. (And certainly, I have lost count of the bottles of white-out and spellcheck corrections).

Life’s tutorial follows a similar path. Parents, family, teachers, and Spirit start us upon the trek through life. These teachers show us how to clasp our young hands and fingers around life’s aspirations.

The obvious stands before our eyes—strokes made on our own produce more mistakes than we would like. Unlike my school experience I discover there is no eraser in my supply box.

Eventually, I came to the reality not only do I not have an eraser but neither do I have the power clean up the mistakes. My missteps, spelling errors, satanic grammar, weak nouns, wrong verbs, and failing structure, are on display for other to see—and worse yet—written in plain sight of the Holy. I need an eraser.

You may have an experience parallel to my own. At an early age I made the decision to follow Jesus. I learned he gives me access to grace, the perfect eraser. To be fair, it took a while to be able to see how grace serves to remove my daily mistakes—even when the totality of Scripture declares it to be so.

Prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Micah, spoke of God who would “blot out” all my missteps, the Holy who see me through the lens of Jesus’s grace gift and “remember sin no more.” While the prophets share God’s demand for justice,  likewise they describe his “delight to show mercy.”

All of God’s promises became reality through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. When Jesus was still in the form of a man, he spoke of his future gift. Not only did he want those who heard his voice to be informed, but he also desired every person of all following centuries to hear.

His message rings true.  A special gift is ours also. His blood “poured out. . .for the forgiveness of sins,” comes to us as God’s act of grace. That blood grace is my perfect eraser.

Unlike the eraser in my school supply box, it will never be misplaced, lost, or worn out. It is mine to keep forever. No one can steal it. There is only one way I can lose it. I can throw it away with a decision to purposefully turn my back from the face of Jesus.

I am nearing the finish line. I think I will stick with him.

Do you have need of an eraser? I know where you can find one that works perfectly and never shows wear. And to boot, you can receive it as a gift.

Have you too struggled at times to see grace as the perfect eraser?

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection on The Perfect Eraser—A Gift from God

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