Why Is Grace So Hard to Receive?

GodReflection: Is Grace Still Amazing?

I don’t remember the exact year. But never will I forget that special Christmas. It was the one when Santa Claus brought new bicycles through the back door of our house.

We were supposed to be asleep—but on Christmas Eve little boys are too excited to sleep.

Since we did not have a chimney Mr. Claus came through our back door. The old screen door banged, and the kitchen door squeaked—then, we heard Daddy Santa roll two bikes across the noisy wood floor.

Never once did the idea of merit cross my mind. I had received the greatest gift my childish mind could possibly grasp. From the perspective of a child, had I saved my allowance forever, never could I have purchased such a gift. It was graced to me. My response was elation, and sheer delight. It was mine to enjoy. My gift was easy to receive.

At this point once again a conversation with the late Dr. Dan Coker comes to mind.

After a chapel service as we crossed the campus of Abilene Christian University, we puzzled over a “heady” speech presented that morning. Dan who had a good mind and a generous dose of common sense interjected an off-the-cuff response, “When we stand before God in final judgement, I think the Holy will ask us why we made it so hard”.

Scripture is replete with examples, stories, and affirmation that grace is made available as a gift through generous acts of God the Father, Son, and Spirit. It is free of charge. And, once we claim the gift as our own and keep our hearts in tune with the Holy, nothing is powerful enough to rob us of our eternal gift.

Never should the idea of merit cross my mind. God’s grace is the greatest gift my mind could possibly grasp. Never could I have purchased such a gift. It was graced to me. My response is exhilaration, happiness, and sheer delight. It is mine to enjoy.

Yet . . . periodically doubt attempts to ambush my confidence. At times when the trail is dark and I least expect it, doubt whispers refrains from Satan: “Will God really answer my prayer”? “This time it may be more than grace can handle”. “Perhaps, he has withdrawn his grace from me”? “Will he really see me through this one?” “Am I praying enough”?

My list could go on. I bet you can add your own times of doubt. Together, we could make quite a list.

Here is what I suspect. God is not caught off guard when I doubt. He knows I carry the genes of Adam and Eve—my great, great, great . . . grandparents. It is not a surprise for him to learn I am human.

Could it be that one big significant dimension of God’s grace is he graces me to accept his compassion? And, as a part of his grace nature he covers me with that very grace in my time of doubt?

Maybe, I will relax and take him at his word. The Holy paid the total cost and is delighted to grace me with the most precious gift of all eternity—HOLY ACCEPTANCE.

Can I allow his grace-gift to be received by me with delight and joy just as easily as I received my childhood gift bicycle with joy and sheer delight from Santa?

What do you think?

Cannot we do a better job in our daily receipt of God’s grace-gift.

May we join hearts and declare, “Grace Is Still Amazing”. 

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection on Why Is Grace So Hard to Receive?  




3 thoughts on “Why Is Grace So Hard to Receive?

  1. Yes, His grace is still amazing,..day to day, moment to moment, breath to breath, heartbeat to heartbeat. He is so patient when I succumb to my smoky Holy Place praise, “No, you haven’t done enough, son, I did.” It lifts my soul to know we’re on the same track, dear brother. You surely did well on this overview of a portion of the Father’s amazing goodness and may His peace and grace continue to amaze us!
    R Lynn Huff


  2. Great thoughts Gary. Thank you for reminding us of the amazing nature of God’s grace and of our appropriate response – humble acceptance.


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