Grace Struggles

GodReflection: Is Grace Still Amazing?

Early in our married life, a professor—from France, a co-teacher at a local university—told of his brother-in-law who kept a stack of twenty-five to thirty books he would read over and over. It was nice to know there are like-minds I’ve never met.

I have a handful of books that seem to find their way onto my list of good reads year after year. These select books speak to areas where my soul needs growth. One such book is Philip Yancey’s What’s So Amazing About Grace?

Like you, the time and experiences between my birth and death dash influence my person created by God. Raised in a Christian home and inside a church building, I still was slow to catch the concept of grace as amazing.

We sang Amazing Grace and certainly I saw aspects of grace lived out by family and other God-followers who worshipped with us. Our tribe of believers seem to experience foggy weather with the concept of free grace.

With the passage of time, the growth of teachers, and the work of the Holy Spirit, various groups across our church heritage began to explore the depth of grace.

Grace turns out to the central theme of the entire Bible.

From Genesis to Revelation we discover just how separated we humans are from Perfect God. There is nothing within our own power that can stop our plunge into total Satanic dependence. The garden sin locked us inside an eternal prison of despair.

Parallel to the reality of condemnation, it is as if God smiles from celestial ear to celestial ear, when he breaks forth the announcement of Free Holy Grace. It is a gift that will cover every sin I’ve committed on my walk through this earth.

Not only that, his gift brings me into a son and father relationship. I can walk with him in a new perfect life that will last forever. It’s all free to me because he sacrificed his only son on a cross and that son, Jesus arose to conquer death. He paid the price for sin in my place. He is the gift that will cover every sin I’ve committed on my walk through this earth.

All of this is the gift of God’s grace. I accepted it free of charge. It cost me nothing.

Here is my struggle. I trust God, I trust Jesus, I trust the spirit, and I accepted the gift. I believe. Why then do I find myself acting at times as if the storyline is untrue? When I consider the Holy’s promise and his gift I receive daily from God, why does my forgiveness (grace) of others and of myself still require a process? Why is forgiveness difficult in the light of grace?

Is grace still amazing? Over the next few posts, I want to plow once more the field of Grace. I will struggle again with God’s reality and come out amazed once more.

David Wells, in his book, God in the Wasteland reminds me, “God’s grace is bigger than our biggest needs, deeper than our deepest cuts and wounds, and greater than even our hopes.”

Such is the reality that I so need to keep before me to face the abundance of trials we all encounter throughout our earth-walk.

Yep, I can benefit by spending a few posts to review just What’s So Amazing About Grace. I hope you will read along with me and share your insights.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection on Grace Struggles

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