Life Is Conflict

GodReflection: Conflict Zone

Life started with a loud cry as a nine-pound baby boy. I entered life ready to express disenchantment of all things in conflict with my comfort. A little later I discovered a big dislike that caused me to use one of my first elementary words. I could now declare an animated and vibrant “No!”

Yes, early in life I discovered the Conflict Zone. Each time I encounter an absence or something I can’t control I’ve entered the zone of conflict. When unmerited acts of harm come my way and when I engage in an inner skirmish that interferes with my peace, I’m in the middle of the Conflict Zone.

Early in life I discovered the conflict zone

With age I discovered it was my ancestors Adam and Eve who passed down through each generation the gene of disharmony and conflict.

In many ways the theme that underlines this series of posts is apparent—Life is Conflict.

Yes, there is the obvious.

We don’t agree on our politics. We don’t agree on sports teams. we don’t agree on schools and education. We don’t agree on health care. And, we don’t agree on art and entertainment.

Husbands and wives don’t always get along. Parents and children don’t always agree on the rules. Siblings don’t always live conflict free. Not to mention rough relationships that hang from the branches of our family trees.

However, this series of posts will not treat directly the conflicts I’ve just listed. Yes, he helps us deal with the above through his life, teaching and the gift of his Spirit.

He teaches us how to manage the conflict zones that come with our earth walk. There is even better news. When Jesus returns to restore this earth to a state of sinless perfection as it was created conflict will be no more.

Instead of conflict zones I face with others, what I propose to do throughout the next few posts is to reflect upon the inner conflicts I encounter while Walking His Trail as Steve and Ginny Saint express in their book title.

I want to look at what I see as the reality of my lack of ability to obey to perfection. Jesus says, but I don’t always do. I believe Paul calls that grace. Then, I read about his life and observer all he does for Jesus and easily see how far short I fall from his example. He does but I don’t.

What I do have in common with the apostle is this. There are times I want to do but I don’t and times I don’t want to do but I do. It is the nature of my earth walk to face conflict zones.

Along the way, I hope to remove some of the unnecessary guilt we place on our shoulders, and in the process transfer that load to Jesus our Savior.

I want to begin to anticipate His return to restore our home planet earth. How I anticipate an eternal future in a conflict free zone as per God’s original design.

I invite you to come with me and read over my shoulder as together we challenge each other to continue our walk toward Jesus.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection on Life Is Conflict

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