Living Into Holy Quakes

GodReflection: Walk Toward the Quake

gary-2015It’s time to bring this series of posts on Holy Quakes to a close. I’m not sure as to all ramifications of God provoked earthquakes. At least, they seem to communicate Holy transitions in God’s relationship with humankind. Our attempt has been to walk toward the quakes in search of the Holy.

Five times Scripture tells us God quaked the earth to introduce God’s presence in a Holy direction.

He quaked Mt. Sinai to declare His Absolute Holiness and to demonstrate His love for a people whose only hope of salvation was to commit their trust to Him.

cross3After centuries of failed response on the part of His creation, God quaked a second mountain when men crucified Jesus the Son. The earthquake called the world to see God’s ultimate sacrifice of His Son to atone for all sin since the fall of Adam and Eve.

Three days later, the earth shook again with a message of resurrection. Like Jesus the Messiah all who place their faith in him will be raised to a perfect and sin free eternal life.

Quakes four and five shook a prayer meeting and a prison wall to communicate Holy presence to accompany believers as they tell the story of God’s gift of free grace through Jesus. That message of grace will unit humankind with Father, Son and Spirit on a restored earth under a restored heaven.

The final quake will come with the return to earth of the risen Jesus and the culmination of all history into a grand eternity. Those who trust God will be at home on the new earth where the Holy will live with their children forever.

air6My question is, “Where do I go from here with what I’ve discovered from Holy Quakes?” Obviously, I wasn’t present to experience in person the fear, awe and the magnetic pull of attention powered by five history changing earthquakes.

But, at least since I’m aware of the quakes, shouldn’t I allowed them to serve as faith builders?  Can’t they provide me with a clearer picture of the direction of Holy God?

What if I allowed the quakes to pull me into their sphere with such power that I could reflect upon the steadfast love of the Holy behind them; as the force I need to help me face the daily little quakes Satan sends my direction to undermine my trust in Father, Son and Spirit?

sin2Time and again over the span of this blog I’ve affirmed difficulties and challenges that we all face on our walk across this present reality. Death, betrayal, disease and loss are random samples of the quakes that have shook every life since sin entered the Garden of Eden.

As a Christ follower in the twenty first century I too feel the unholy tremors. However, because of God’s Holy quakes I don’t face life’s vibrations alone. I have a risen Jesus and the Almighty God who reside in me through the Holy Spirit and provide passage through the quakes that Satan designs to rock my world.

quake26God has granted me the gift of presence that comes through the Holy quakes of History. I can live into those quakes to survive by Holy trust my daily quakes. I can know that the next Big One will usher in a Holy reality beyond anything I can possibly imagine.

Let’s keep our hearts aligned with Jesus and live into the Holy quakes to get through the seismic activity of our current walk.

Are you on board?

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection: Living Into Holy Quakes


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