Walk Toward the Quake

GodReflection: Walk Toward the Quake

gary-2015For thousands of years earthquakes have marred the face of earth and humanity with death and destruction. Anyone who has ever lived through a violent earthquake or someone who has cleaned up after the devastation of house and life has zero interested in a second experience.

It is almost impossible to align the words good and Holy with a quake.

Once again, I find myself limited by my own humanness as I reflect on God who is beyond my capacity to understand. How do I grasp the source of all knowledge? How do I comprehend eternal energy and Holy power? The answer is simply I can’t. God by his nature is beyond human comprehension.

quake2Perhaps, I shouldn’t be surprised to find God invert the great power I associate with destruction and use it as a magnet to draw attention to His Holy Presence.

These rare occurrences shook the earth when Holy God had an announcement with eternal consequences or He moved to reassure people of His Holy presence.

Holy Scripture shares at least five times when God ushers His Glory into human presence with an earthquake. Each time His Holy Presence is undeniable. Each time not only the earth shakes but hearts and souls’ quake with Holy vibration.

quake11In this series of post I want to examine the five occasion when God shook the earth. I want to look into the quake to get as close as possible to the fear, terror and awe of Holy presence. At the same time, I aspire to feel the reassurance of peace that is found in Holy presence.

I desire to grasp the security that would exist were I to walk within the protective shadow of Jesus up to the edge of an open fissure as it expands and quakes in awe of Holy presence.

As I read God’s message from start to finish in my Bible, His desire comes through loud and clear.  With Jesus I can live through the quakes.

quake5At this point I’ve attained the seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures (Psalms 90:10) describe by Moses as what one might optimally anticipate to live.

It doesn’t take a genius to notice life is lived among earth’s quakes of crisis moments. Life is a barrage of quakes that come our way by natural calamities, bad decisions by self and others, broken relationships, illness and death.

I suppose no one of us would be surprised at the length of the list we could compose of quake4the tremors that come from life in an Adam-fallen world. The good news from Jesus is we can survive life’s shocks by our own close presence to the Holy when our world quakes.

I invite you to read over my shoulder as I examine the times God’s Holy presence spoke from earthquakes to see what I can learn that will give me courage to step closer to the Holy Quake.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection: Walk Toward the Quake  

Gary@Godreflection.org  www.GodReflection.org


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