Living Into My Contract with Jesus

GodReflection: My Contract with Jesus Reviewed

gary-2015I am glad I reviewed my old contract with Jesus. It was good to see the nine signatures. Six of which are those of Jesus. They are bold and clear. They are signed with his blood.

The three places I signed are legible but not near as strong. Yet, they remain valid.

  • I am promised my sin is forgiven.contract4
  • Jesus gives me Holy Help to navigate life.
  • He promised restored perfection.
  • I agree to walk by faith.
  • I repent of my self-sufficiency.
  • I died in baptismal water and was raise to life in Jesus.
  • Jesus guaranteed it all with his blood.
  • Jesus Affirmed his body was dead.
  • His Resurrection validates my contract.

It is a fair question to ask what I’ve learned from my reexamination of a contract drawn up six decades ago.

I begin with two observations. The first brings encouragement. In the spirit of Psalms 34:8, Taste and see that the Lord is good, I would like to think my life’s walk has drawn me to greater clarity and to increased trust in each promise affirmed by Jesus.

Second, I believe I’ve made progress over the past sixty years in the follow through of my attempts to walk by faith. I’ve grown in my awareness of the Holy’s navigation as I’ve tried to discern what it means to live a new life in Jesus.

However, my reality is I haven’t arrived. My aged gait makes a rather graphic picture living2of my faith walk. With my cane in hand I am terribly aware of the lack of dependability my legs provide.

Likewise, with my spiritual cane in my hand I am still called to live into my contract with Jesus. The finish line is yet past the curve ahead. It is still out of sight. A glance at the mortality tables lets me know I’m in the final lap.

From the vantage point of my contract with Jesus I look back over the history of my race thus far, then gaze down the lane of the final lap to see three realities ahead.

I will need to trust Jesus to get me to the finish line. The length of the race doesn’t matter. There are still unknowns ahead. To walk by faith to the very end is God’s plan to living7grow us and renew us for the next reality.

That means I must yet reduce dependence upon self. The further I run the more I understand how little power I hold. At this point I shouldn’t be alarmed. From the beginning my contract with Jesus affirms he is more than capable to carry my load.

And to end on a high note. A reread of my contract with Jesus gives me greater hope in resurrection and a restored new earth that I’ve experienced at any point in my life.

As you have read over my shoulder over the past ten posts, my hope for you is that your trust in your own contract with Jesus has been strengthened. And, my prayer is that as each of us live into our contract with Jesus, we will all do a better job in sharing his gift of cleansing grace with those placed in our path by the Holy.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection: Living Into My Contract with Jesus

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