Jesus Contract—He Signed with His Own Blood

GodReflection: My Contract with Jesus Reviewed

gary portrait4In my family I was among those who were the first generation to be raised off the farm. My birth place wasn’t exactly the big city although we enjoyed streets, blocks, neighbors and grocery stores.

blood5My dad’s cousin Bill couldn’t get the farm out of his blood so he and his wife raised their family of four boys and a girl on a farm in a fertile valley a few miles northwest of our little desert town.

Periodically, cousin Bill would pick up his telephone and set a day for dad to visit the farm. It was time to butcher a chosen animal or two for the family freezers. Dad would always take me and my brother to witness the process.

blood1As I reflect upon those occasions, they involved nothing less than the sacrifice of an animal. The cost of how beef, lambs, and pork arrive on the family table was a bloody and gruesome lesson for a young boy.

There was no doubt life was in the blood. In a most practical sense their life blood was lost to sustain life at our table.

It was from the centuries-old visual of animal sacrifice that God chose to communicate how much he loved his creation. He would come to earth as a helpless baby, live a perfect life, and be abused by the very human beings he had created. Lovingly, he became the sacrificial lamb that willingly allowed sin to drain the blood of life from his body.

blood9That sacrificial blood filled his pen and bears witness with his signature to his gracious declarative gift. Jesus hung in my place on a cross for my sin.

All heaven declared life is in the blood.

That is precisely what gives value to my contract with Jesus. He signed it with his blood. Validation flows from hundreds of eyewitnesses. They know  Jesus’ blood fills the pen. His signature is what I needed to cleanse me of sin.

A reread of my old contract brings renewed assurance for my daily faith walk. A brief recap of its content thus far.

  • I am promised my sin is forgiven.
  • Jesus gives me Holy Help to navigate life.
  • He promised restored perfection.
  • I agree to walk by faith.
  • I repent of my self-sufficiency.
  • I died in baptismal water and was raise to life in Jesus.
  • Jesus guaranteed it all with his blood.

Jesus signature is strong. His own red blood from the quill remains bold and clear. It is easy to read—Jesus The Christ Son of God (risen from the grave). His grace filled signature covers all my sin. It covers every misstep whether intentional of not. He reads blood8my heart not the list of my mistakes.

Look at the contract you made with Jesus. His blood red signature is honored by the Holy. If you have not signed a contract—all heaven yet pleads for you to accept Jesus’ signature and place your own by his as your gift of submission.

If you have signed a contract with Jesus, do you trust his signature to a greater or  lesser degree than you did when you formed the agreement?

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection: Jesus Contract—He Signed with His Own Blood

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