Jesus Contract—I Placed My Name on the Repent Line

GodReflection: My Contract with Jesus Reviewed

gary portrait4It’s a deal for my now as well as for my eternity. Jesus made me three promises: 1) All sins forgiven, 2) Holy Help to navigate life, 3) Restoration of everything to perfection. He signed his name with a failproof guarantee by each of these three items on our contract.

In addition, he stacks those three promises full of other benefits like peace of mind, forever friendships, inner joy, a future free of pain, a future free of loss with no more death. Not to mention a forever in the presence of Father, Son and Spirit.

The first place I signed was to trust that the Holy would produce on the promises so I signed that I believed. I would trust Father, Son, and Spirit to power my walk by faith.

repent3Then came the second clause on my part of the agreement—I placed my name on the Repent line.

In my church tribe we use the phrase “the age of accountability.” We all knew what that meant. For us it meant the time when as children we would receive a wake-up call. It was our aha moment.

As a child I lived with a free pass. During the early years my parents and our community helped me learn right from wrong. I didn’t get labeled as sinful for my bad behavior. As little tots I doubt that we ever felt we were petite sinners.

I can’t explain it other than it was probably the Holy who nudges us from within. As adolescent approached a light came on inside and for the very first time it dawned upon me, “I can’t be good under my own power. I sin even when I know I shouldn’t. I need God’s help.”

repent5I can’t say I remember the exact instant when that became my reality. I do remember I wrestled with my new repent6awareness for an entire week. I didn’t talk with anyone about it nor did I share what I planned to do. But come next Sunday I would resolve my discomfort.

From the bits and pieces picked up over the eleven years of life in my church I recognized I had reached the age of accountability. I was an eleven-year-old sinner. With church and family as my witness I needed to tell Jesus, “I repent.” I will share more about that moment in my next post.

Even as a young boy I had witnessed many people make contracts with Jesus. I knew what I needed to do. It was time to place my name on the Repent line.

Here I am six decades later I find myself in the process of a review of my contract with Jesus. What were the sins committed by a preadolescent that were in need of repentance?

Like any good Pharisee I could have made a list of all the sins I hadn’t committed. Growing up in a Christian home and within the life of a church we weren’t exactly into bank robbery and murder. So, what were the sins of a sheltered child that required repentance?

repent8Could it be that what I repented of as a child who had grasped—only over a week’s timeframe—that he could not be perfect be the exact sin that all must confront?

Could it be that I didn’t need to name a particular sin? Rather, I recognized that sin—any sin—was the great separator. It came between me and the Holy.

To sign on the Repent line is to declare, “Ok, I see that I need to change my direction. I repent of the allusion that I can learn to be good on my own. To be perfect is not within my reality. I repent of the rationale that since all humans sin there is no consequence for the wrongs I commit.”

I signed on the Repent line to declare, “I can’t live life under my own steam. I need the cleansing blood of Jesus to stand in for my sin.”

Once again, that makes Jesus signature and my signature vital to the contract. He signs as guarantor. By my name on the REPENT LINE, I sign to receive access to his promises.

A reread of my old contract brings renewed assurance for my daily walk.

Jesus signature is strong. The red blood from his quill remains bold and clear. It is easy to read—Jesus The Christ Son of God (risen from the grave). His grace filled signature covers all my sin.

Won’t you join me and reread your contract? Do you still trust Jesus signature? Let’s recommit together.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection: Jesus Contract—I Placed My Name on the Repent Line

One thought on “Jesus Contract—I Placed My Name on the Repent Line

  1. Yes! Thanks again, dear Gary, for sharing, for calling us all to remember our purpose in life. I thank and praise God for these talents He gives you. I praise God especially for giving you the will and decision and determination to be used for the good of His family. Love you!


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