Jesus Contract—I signed on the Faith Line

GodReflection: My Contract with Jesus Reviewed

gary portrait4Faith is a word I tend to paint over with a thick holy coating and sometimes forget how common it is to daily transactions.

When my dad signed the contract for my childhood set of World Book Encyclopedias, he signed in faith the entire set would be delivered. The salesman signed with faithful expectation my dad would pay the money.

faith1In college I signed contracts for tuition loans, meal tickets and dormitory space. I signed good faith contracts that I would be present for classes and do the work. The school signed good faith contracts they would provide classroom space, trained professors and accreditation to back their courses.

Routinely, we sign contracts in good faith for marriage, places to live, automobiles, insurance, utility services, and gazillions of other matters brought upon us by the demands of 21st Century life.

When we participate in good faith contracts, good faith deposits, good faith efforts and good faith estimates the assumption exists that all parties will live up to their word. We call this integrity.

contract13We all know that we human types don’t always live up to our original intentions made in good faith.

Marriages dissolve, deposits disappear, good faith efforts are not always met, and good faith estimates are not always honored. Lawyers, Judges and their assistants are numbered in the millions because people don’t honor contracts.

Jesus’ signature on our contract places it in a category above all others. Jesus has an eternal history of absolute integrity to back everything he has promised. Talk about a strong signature. It is honored by the Holy.

With my track record and the performance chart of my fellow humans it is a wonder that Jesus would accept my word on anything. And so, I stand in humility and awe that Jesus would trust me when I sign a declaration of faith. Especially, when he knew I would not always live up to my signature.

contract9It’s hard to say what I understood as an eleven-year-old boy when I signed on the faith line of my contract with Jesus.

I suspect it was little more than an acknowledgement of Jesus as God’s Son who died to remove my sin.

I signed on to follow him by faith but it would take a lifetime to start to comprehend what that meant.

To be fair I’ve felt the warmth of his smile on the occasions when I honored the contract and trusted in his care through the unknown. Those times become clearer in meditative hindsight.

In my more somber moments I regret the times when I failed to trust the Holy and missed opportunities to work with God in His mission. I missed out because I did not walk in faith.

faith9The obstacles seemed too tall to scale and too wide to go around. Obviously, I couldn’t do it on my own. My failure was in my lack of faith. I forgot to trust the Holy.

The reality is when it comes my time to check out of this present earth journey, I will still be far from perfect in my faith walk. The good news is: all is well because Jesus signature is on my contract.

I can trust Holy God with the next reality.

Once again, that makes Jesus signature and my signature vital to the contract. He signs as guarantor. To receive access to his promises I signed on TO LIVE BY FAITH.

A reread of my old contract brings renewed assurance for my daily faith walk.

faith7Jesus signature is strong. The red blood from his quill remains bold and clear. It is easy to read—Jesus The Christ Son of God (risen from the grave).

His grace filled signature covers all my sin. It covers the times when I’ve failed to trust—when I’ve failed to live by faith.

Won’t you join me and reread your contract? Is Jesus signature on your contract?

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection: Jesus Contract—I Signed on the Faith Line

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