A Baby Like No Other—Like All Others

GodReflection: It’s a Boy—We Worship the Gift Baby

gary-2015How about a Second Hebrews chapter 11?

What we call the Book of Hebrews seems to have been a first century sermon preached to encourage Christians to remain faithful. Doubts sprouted as believers faced hard times and Jesus hadn’t returned. Was he really coming back?

In chapter 11, the unnamed preacher begins a rehearsal of God’s men and women of faith from the roll call of history. An impressive and humbling list it is.

giftbaby4Over two thousand years has passed since that sermon was first preached. Its witness still stands strong.

When I read the Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles and the Letters, I find another great cloud of witnesses who could easily fill a Second Hebrews chapter 11 for the church of our day.

Some of those great saints played a role at the birth of a special baby worshiped by humble shepherds and the world’s wise.

What made him special was the fact that this baby was one hundred percent God and one hundred percent human yet he was a baby like all others. It is a divine equation that defies mathematical logic. It’s a God thing that goes beyond my gnat size fallen Adamic brain.

giftbaby5Another year has zoomed by with rocket speed. A year launched seemingly yesterday now hurls to a close. Once again, the season of Christmas has arrived.

This worldwide holiday has its origin in the birth of a baby like no other, who was like all others. Had the baby not been born, Christmas would not exist.

Christmas is a festive occasion. It is a time of celebration. It is a time of generosity. It is a time when the fortunate feel the draw of family. Ideally, it is a time when the blessed make more of an effort to reach out to the unfortunate.

giftbaby7In the midst of what was begun as an annual holy remembrance comes the invasive encroachment of commercialism. Its intrusive hold hurls us toward a gap that widens between what was meant to be a celebration of Messiah and market driven holiday self-gratification.

I resist the takeover of Christmas as the sole property of merchants and mass media. Over the next few weeks may we all make the effort to remember that Jesus had come indeed as the gift of all gifts.

As we celebrate the holiday season may we show thankfulness to God for His gift baby and the grace extended by the life, death and resurrection of the Spirit child.

GiftBaby1What I hope will come through in this series of posts is an appreciation of the love, faith and trust demonstrated by those who obeyed God as they welcomed the birth of His Son. I want to stand in awe as they held or worshiped the God/man baby.

From a renewed visit to those who held the baby and from a fresh effort to envision the adoration of his first visitors, perhaps a more acute sense of trust will come my way as I too attempt to honor and serve the Christ child.

Once again, I invite you to read over my shoulder. I invite your insight as together we explore events that give significance to Christmas.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection: A Baby Like No Other—Like All Others

Gary@Godreflection.org         www.GodReflection.org


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