Freewill Comes From Holy DNA

GodReflection: News Flash—We Inherited God’s DNA

“I have the right to do anything,” you say—but not everything is beneficial . . . not everything is constructive (1 Corinthians 20:23).

garyguarujaFrom my first introduction to the Myers–Briggs type indicator I’ve been intrigued with both the diversity and the commonality of human personality.

Based upon the work of Carl Jung the type indicator takes into account the eight basics traits of the human personality.

Through freewill1extroversion, introversion, sensing, intuition, feeling, thinking, judging and perception we human types perceive the world and make decisions. From these flow sixteen basic personality types.

The theory follows that each of us are wired to function with four of the traits as dominate to our personality.  Thus, I function primarily as an ISTJ (Introvert, Sensor, Thinker and Judger). The theory uses Judger as a synonym for high structure.

We make lists, rely upon agendas and calendars and work in steps. Step two follows step one then on to steps three and four.

Through freewill my characteristics of Introversion, Sensor, Thinker and Judgment give me unbelievable latitude to determine the direction of my life.

eternity12I will return to that thought in a moment. But first I want to place freewill in the context of Creator God.

God is the ultimate definition of freewill. He decides to create and declares “let there be light.”

He decides to destroy and an angel of death takes out a holy sword. He decides to forgive and the powers of darkness can’t hold Him back. He decides to love and the unlovable don’t have a chance.

To make humankind in the image of the Holy was to create a being wired with freewill. Freewill comes from Holy DNA.

From creation to the return of Jesus and on into eternity Scripture relates God’s everlasting and unstoppable love for His children.

freewill4By His Holy Design God made mankind with the capacity to return that love.

Yet our love is joined to our freewill like Siamese twins. Without freewill reciprocal love is impossible.

The first sin was connected to freewill. The first act of worship and every subsequent adoration sent in the direction of the Holy is an act of freewill.

freewill2My freewill doesn’t always make the right decision. My freewill doesn’t always reflect love. Neither does my freewill always make wrong decisions.

Let me return to who I am.

God uniquely wired me like no other person. In a sense my personality traits are who I know as me.  

freewill7God gives me complete freewill to use my personality—me—to set the direction of my walk.

Through my introverted acts, the way I perceive reality, the use of my thought process, and the structure I employ to do life, the decisions are mine.

I choose to do good or evil, enthrone God or Satan, be loving or indifferent, serve self or others and to be earth focused or eternity driven.

The good news is that I have the freewill within my God given DNA to decide. Perhaps, the even better news is that once I placed God upon the throne of my life He came to live in me to keep my battery charged. I have the Holy source to power my freewill toward good decision making if only I will slow down and use it.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection on Freewill Comes From Holy DNA.

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About Dr. Gary Sorrells

From birth to death, I am God-wired. My body is not as energized as in earlier times, yet as my soul runs toward the finish line it carries a dream. I want to give glory to God by writing. Only now is the timing right to lean hard into this gift from God. For the first time in life, the totality of my God walk with family, the church, academic training, work experience, life scars, and accrued wisdom, provides value to share through the written word. It is as if all of the trails of life are crossing at this point. My formal education includes the B.A., M.A. and the Doctor of Ministry degrees in Bible from Abilene Christian University. Between 1980 and 2011, I worked with the Non-Profit entity, Great Cities Missions. I currently serve as Director Emeritus and as a member of the Board of Trustees. -Gary J Sorrells

2 thoughts on “Freewill Comes From Holy DNA

  1. Good insights Doctor Sorrells! I had not thought about some of your observations through those lenses. So I suppose God would somehow reflect all 16 personality traits equally if the instrument were capable of measuring His totality?! Praise Him for His wisdom and nature beyond our understanding and the fact He chose to make us in that image.


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