Jesus and the Trust Walk

GodReflection: Tenacious Trust

garyguarujaIt is time to bring this set of reflections under the tag Tenacious Trust to a close.

In a review of the past eleven post I’ve looked at the desire to grow in my trust journey. I’ve attempted to reflect upon the role that creation, resurrection, and promises play to build a walk of trust.

I’ve looked at lessons from both mountain tops, valleys, and Jesus’ sermon on God’s care for birds and flowers.

I’m always inspired by the faith of Paul. As I read again his trust choices they painted for me a great picture of a life of tenacious trust.

And, I tried to elevate the bar of trust not only as a lifestyle, but as the vehicle that allows God to show His love and glory to lost people.

JesusSo what have I missed?

It dawns upon me I’ve missed the obvious.

I’ve hit all around it but haven’t declared it.

Trust begins with the manger child and grows under his care.

He is the perfect image of total and complete consistent trust in his Father God no matter what.

I’m intrigued with his trust walk during his youth. Scripture doesn’t reveal an abundance of material about Jesus prior to his three-year mission in the company of the twelve.

When did he become aware of his role in his Holy family of Father, Son, and Spirit?

Is it possible as a “pre-school” toddler instead of talking with his imaginary Teddy bear friend he already knew God to be his father?

Did the little boy know both Joseph and God as his fathers?

Jesus4Just as Joseph and Mary taught walk, talk, and play skills, I wonder if Father God’s instruction focused upon relationship, trust, and the unique role assigned this little boy to restore His most prize possession to its original garden perfection?

I love the recorded story of Joseph and Mary being unaware they forgot Jesus at church (Luke 2). Even as a young boy his question to his parents when they found him, “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?” inferred his trust in Father God.

Each story in the Gospels dramatically underlines the trust relationship, with none more telling than his Gethsemane prayer the evening prior to his crucifixion, or his prayer from the cross, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.”

jesus2Recently, I came across a sentence on page 238 of Richard Rohr’s book YES, AND . . . that seems to be a good summation sentence to a walk of Tenacious Trust.

“The only real question becomes how to trust the light, receive the light, and spread the light.”

The answer to Rohr’s observation can be found only in Jesus.

The tenacity that results from trust happens only to the degree of trust I decide to place in Jesus; the degree I stand ready to let him transform me; and then allow those two heart actions to affect me like the man cleansed in Mark 5 who began to tell how much Jesus had done for him.

It seems to me that is Tenacious Trust, don’t you think?

And, it’s found in Christ the Messiah who is God with us.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

P.S. You can read more on my own struggle with the trust walk in my book Make Your Vision Go Viral. It can be found at Amazon.


A GodReflection on Jesus and the Trust Walk


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