Can Trust Morph into Lifestyle?

GodReflection: Tenacious Trust

garyguarujaWhen I think of lifestyle I think of the routine of my twenty-four-hour day that create a rather comfortable rhythm.

lifestyle1I’ve gotten use to my alarm clock’s loud obnoxious ring at a preset time each morning.

I know as the day begins when I will stop for meals. I have a rather good idea as to the hour on the clock that will determine when I go to bed at the close of each day.

Since I’ve lived a lifetime within God’s family I carry out many actions and decision without a second thought.

I don’t begin each day challenged to decide whether or not I will rob a bank or how many of the Ten Commandments can I break over the next twelve hours. Decisions related to my “moral behavior” were formed from childhood. They don’t require thought at this point in my life.

On the other hand, I am aware of the high water marks of Jesus’ Mountain Sermon, and of Paul’s Fruits of the Spirit. The cultivation of Soul Qualities seems to be a daily challenge.

LifestyleaJust as I think I’ve made progress in patience and kindness I come across some bozo—who God loves—that causes me an inconvenience because they are sloppy in their work or they treat me in less than a kind way.

Poof, my kindness and patience progress takes a hit. I’m not where I want to be.

Like patience and kindness, I find trust is not yet as effortless as breathing.

To trust is those moments in time when I step out of the boat and plant my feet firm on the water. It the Peter moment of “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.”

Trust seems to be a process. It is to take a few steps and sink.

Each time I learn anew that if I withdraw my eyes from Jesus and look to the waves my floor of water opens up and it time to shout again, “Lord, save me!”

After a few dips along the way Peter grows into the leader of the Jerusalem church. His dippy trust morphs into tenacious trust. After Peter’s refresher course on the beach with Chef Jesus over a breakfast of fish broiled over hot coals, Peter got it.

lifestylebFrom the beach meeting forward, when Jesus spoke Peter courageously stepped forward in tenacious trust that took him face to face with angry religious leaders, prison guards and eventually ended with his own crucifixion.

Peter gives me hope. I’m so glad Scripture leaves me a generous record of his mistakes. I’m glad that it also traces his trust journey from tentative belief to a lifestyle of tenacious trust.

My guess is that Peter—like the rest of us—never lived with perfection the lessons of Jesus’ sermon or Paul’s fruits of the Spirit taken from the life and teaching of Jesus.

I would also venture a guess that Jesus could not have been more please with Peter’s trust development.

Don’t you imagine that Peter knew Jesus so well over a lifetime that as his life continued to unfold, he never met the morning sun wondering if he would trust Jesus today?

Just maybe, trust can morph into a lifestyle, don’t you think?

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection on Can Trust Morph into Lifestyle?

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