Trust The Silence

GodReflection: Silent God—Seeking His Voice

garyguarujaOver the past ten post I have attempted to increase my own insight into what can sometime seem like a one sided conversation with the God of the Universe.

Come to think of it, the idea of conversation with Creator God is rather remarkable in itself.

As I bring to a close this series of posts, Silent God—Seeking His Voice, I think back over a few of the ideas explored.

God is not on my speed dial and His side of the conversation is never audible. The best I can do is observe the signs of God along the way.

I must be careful to think in terms of communication that reaches beyond language since God refuses to be limited by language.

Silence10I find myself drawn again to a heart conclusion.

Prayer is about heart connection. I must dock my heart with God’s—or perhaps more accurately—allow Him to dock His heart to mine. God’s language is heart language.

Heart language allows me to talk to God without using my voice box and He responds without sound yet we communicate.

I’ve affirmed when my heart is in the right place there is not a wrong way to pray.

I’ve also made another discovery I had missed previously.

The object of life is not to morph into a bodiless spirit. What God is doing in me is nothing less than restoration of my fallen self into a perfect Adamic body. God is at work to restore my humanity.

Silence8Through the cross act, once again I can become like Adam in his perfect created human state.

That is important because in Adam the conversation between humankind and God was perfect and complete. God wants to converse with me in the same way.

Through the Creator’s process I move into an uninhibited dialogue with the Holy.

The practice of prayer draws me toward a full conversational relationship with my Creator that can only exist in the perfect Garden.

That makes me think my prayers keep the conversation alive with God until the time we enjoy full human to God and God to human harmony.

I observed that God silence is broken through His Son Jesus, His Holy Spirit, and His Scripture.

Silence7There is a sense that when I am in conversation with God I find myself also in the presence of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. As a restored man I can talk with the Trinity.

When I pray and do not readily hear an answer I am reminded in my previous post to trust God with the silence.

This is such an important point that I close this series of posts on Silent God with a requote of a couple of lines of a pre-1952 sermon by Helmut Thielicke shared in my post on The Mystery of Silence.



Helmut Thielicke

These are the lines:


Behind the silence are His higher thoughts. He is fitting stone to stone in His plan for the world and our lives, even though we can see only a confused and meaningless jumble of stones heaped together under a silent heaven.

It makes sense to Trust the Silence.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

P.S. As the calendar turns to June, I plan to begin a series of posts to explore a walk by Tenacious Trust. I invite you to read over my shoulder.

A GodReflection on Trust the Silence

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