God Breaks the Silence

GodReflection: Silent God—Seeking His Voice

garyguarujaIt is my intent to wrap-up this series on Silent God with the next post.

However, I am compelled to raise two additional considerations relevant to my search for the voice of God.

I am coming to see that God’s voice is always present and just waiting for me to listen.

Scripture5In Post Three on Interpreting God’s Silence, I suggested that for the past two thousand years God speaks to us through the teachings and work of Jesus. So here I am in the 21st Century. I can hear the voice of God as I get to know Jesus.

In addition to growing in relationship with the Son I find another source of the voice of God.

Perhaps God hasn’t been as silent throughout history as it might seem.

One way to think about the voice of God is that He breaks His silence through written Scripture compiled over the history of humankind.

I’ve noticed that the more I let the whole of Scripture flow through my brain the more of it gets into my heart. Taken in its entirety I start to see that God left me written answers to many of the dilemmas I take to Him in prayer.

Scripture6So, as I raise concerns about pain and suffering God told me long ago through the Inspired Word that it is not unique to me. It is a temporary result of Satan’s games with humanity.

Through Scripture I learn God can use any thorn that Satan tosses my way to help me grow in patience and steadfastness.

He will not give me more than I can endure and thorns will have no presence in my resurrected body.

So I have my answer. It’s not the magical fix of fairy tale lore. My answer is already in Scripture and at the same time God must smile with pleasure when I converse with Him about my thorny concerns.

God also breaks His silence as He speaks to me through His Holy Spirit.

I am confident the previous sentence is true. I wouldn’t want to attempt to offer a logical defense in court to support my belief.

Scripture4To say that I have minimal comprehension of how the Almighty communicates through the Holy Spirit would be an overstatement of my knowledge base.

The New Testament’s Acts of the Apostles and Letters are essentially chronicles of the Acts of the Holy Spirit in the lives of baptized believers.

From those examples and teachings, I draw my current observations.

Here is what I think.

I assume that the Spirit is considerably more active in my life than I can possibly understand. 

The activity of the Spirit does not require my proof. I don’t have to prove the Spirit to anyone. What I think or what others think doesn’t negate His activity.

At the same time, I suspect my walk would be enriched and my faith would grow were I to slow down and observe.

I just might see the doors that open and close before me, and the actions that take place around me could be related to the subjects I address through prayer.

Scripture1If I take at face value the truth of the totality of promises given in Scripture as to God and Jesus living inside of me through the Holy Spirit, I have to wonder if some of “my brilliant ideas” to solve my own prayer concerns, are in actuality ideas planted by the Holy.

Is it possible as I interface with people throughout my day that I receive Holy nudges concerning how I am to respond? Are these signs of God along my way?

Once again I am confronted with the possibility that God isn’t silent at all. Perhaps, His speech is not limited by the lack of human vocal cords.

Maybe in fact He does break His silence through history, through Jesus, through Scripture, and through His Holy Spirit.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection on God Breaks the Silence.

Gary@Godreflection.org     www.GodReflection.org




One thought on “God Breaks the Silence

  1. Doc, excellent thoughts! God’s ability to ‘communicate’ comes in many ways, times, volumes over our lives…we just need to ‘have eyes to see and ears to hear’…


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