Why Must I Always Be Right Rather than Breathe Grace?

GodReflection: Breathing Grace

garyguarujaThere is the old joke about the guy who admitted to being wrong one time but can’t remember when it was or what he was wrong about.

Why is it so hard to admit wrong?

It is a sobering thought to reflect on my propensity as a human being to be wrong. I’m sure I remember where I left my keys but when I look the keys aren’t there.

My appointment is for 4:00 but somehow in my mind I’ve engraved it as 4:30.

When I have an assignment in the kitchen some unknown spirit slips in and messes with my “chef’s delight” and it turns out to be barely eatable.

wrong1I think about all of the times I thought something was true and later learned my thought process was flawed with wrong information or wrong assumptions.

What if I could see myself with complete and unbiased transparency?

I would be startled to realize the totality of my mistakes (sin) and the summation of my past and current beliefs that are flawed.

The sad truth is this.

wrong3Passed down to me from the genes of Adam and Eve is my stubbornness to insist I am right—even though I may be dead wrong without knowing that my assumptions are erroneous.

Through Jesus God breathes His forgiving grace all over my stubborn will and gives me additional time to grow in submission and understanding.

Now here comes the hard application.

If God’s breathe of grace comes to me with such love, forgiveness, and patience why is it so easy to accept His generous gift on my behalf and so hard to offer the same example of grace given to me, to brothers and sisters who live under the Lordship of Jesus?

wrong7Why do I instead offer judgement and condemnation from a spirit of “I’m right you’re wrong”?

Like me, fellow believers follow Scripture to the best of their understanding.

Like me they live within traditions passed down from their church family. Like me they are often wrong in their conclusions derived from flawed interpretation of Scripture.

Like me they claim the promise of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to forgive and to care.
Like me they claim the cleansing of God’s breath of grace.

There is no indication that God will judge me by my brain and my ability to be accurate in my acquisition of facts. However, there is every indication that He will judge me by my heart.

What if my aim could be to honor the Holy from the depths of my heart, to grow in my understanding of Scripture, to serve Jesus as Lord of my walk, to treat everyone as a holy sibling who follows Jesus as Lord, and to let God make the decisions as to who are the sheep and who are the goats?

After all, I don’t have to be right on every conclusion I’ve drawn in order to extend to you the same spirit God’s generous grace extended to me.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells

A GodReflection on To Be Right Rather than to Breathe Grace.

Gary@Godreflection.org http://www.GodReflection.org

3 thoughts on “Why Must I Always Be Right Rather than Breathe Grace?

  1. This is good, Gary. I have been studying to prove “God judges us by our hearts” not by works. I love the way God puts thoughts in our heads and helps us follow up on them.


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