Learning to Live Without Truth

GodReflection: Living with the Unfair

garyguarujaThe one question God never answers in Scripture is the why question.

Why me?

I can accept the fact that I live in a fallen world. I trust that God in His own timing will deal with Satan once and for all to guarantee a new heaven and a new earth free from pain, suffering, and corruption.

That at least makes some sense out of earth’s depravity, decay, and defects.

But when the theory turns to reality through pain and death at my door the why question rings loud and clear.

truth3I think of those who died with so much left to contribute yet on earth. I think of little ones damaged from birth by defective genes beyond anyone’s control.

Time after time I find that I am left with the thought: “Ok, I understand God is in control, He’s about the business of Satan’s ultimate defeat, but life’s not fair.”

How do I live with the unfair knowing there is no answer to the “why me” question.

This week as I read Kathryn Schulz’s book, Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error, I came across a powerful concept in Chapter 11 on Denial and Acceptance.

truth2In a case study she described the trauma of a lady named Penny and concluded: “This is what makes Penny’s story so remarkable: she is able to live both with and without the truth.”

 That’s it.

That’s my challenge as I live with the unfair—to be able to live both with and without truth.

By living in Scripture I learn to live with truth. God sent Jesus to be my example and teacher. God sent the Holy Spirit to power my walk with God and Son and to make me a light to others.

Parallel to living my life with truth I must learn to live my life without truth. There is a truth that runs through history much greater than my brain can grasp.

It is this part of truth which God does not share with His beloved children. I don’t know how the Angelic community works. There are truths of God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit too grand for me to comprehend.

truth01There is the truth about the timetable in God’s mind for the return of Jesus and the completion of “making all things new”.

There is the truth about the details of eternity.

And, there is the truth about the pain and sorrow that seems unfair. However, in every case God understands and cries with us.

Then there is a truth that is not yet realized. Without my knowledge of the details God works toward His full truth of perfection to eliminate all causes and effects of pain and sorrow.

So too it is my challenge to trust God with unseen and unanswered truth.

To live with the unfair I must make peace with the fact that I must learn to live with and without truth.

I would love to hear how you are learning to live without known truth.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on I Understand Why You Doubt

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2 thoughts on “Learning to Live Without Truth

  1. Great piece Gary. I can relate. I have learned to surround myself with those who can encourage me as well as those who need encouragement. In some seasons, the roles reverse. Life is like a good hike where everyone is helping the other up a mountain, staying vigilant of dangers as well as finding the right paths in the moment while watching your foot placement. It is too much for one person to do alone. Blessings


  2. Doc, great thought on living ‘with and without’ truth…which ultimately demands ‘trust in the unseen’ for those of us that strive to ‘walk by faith’…keep up the good work! Ken


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