The Only Ideal Worth Meeting is Jesus

denise-croppedBut there are also many other things which Jesus did; were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.

-John 21:25



Though Jesus is seated at God’s right hand, books continue to be generated which reflect Him and His creation and their natural laws.

I suspect tomes will continue to be printed so long as we continue to let Jesus purify us and keep us aware of Him at every turn.

garden-822295__180The other day I weeded through my bookshelf. I decided to only keep books pertinent to our current needs and speak to us where we fall in history in God’s grand economy.

I tossed all my books naively promising the fairy tale life I’d receive upon becoming the ideal person, the model Christian, as well as an ideal woman.

thYMKRIVY4These are outside-in books. Books that seek more to control than to free the human spirit to grow as God meant our souls to grow. For me they confuse the message of Christ by distracting people to believe in a small-God world-view. They are books where I relinquish my personhood to someone else’s ideas of who I should be. They encourage a soul to die an unnatural, un-Godly death though surrounded by God’s presence everywhere. They choke out God’s natural Love completely, then, ironically, seek to re-engineer a person to believe they must somehow regain God’s pure Affection by working for their salvation.

This story-line is wearying, and I don’t believe comes from God. God is a perfect Father who does not frustrate the plans of His own, but instead, gives us perfect freedom in Christ to work out our own salvation daily.

joy-233380__180Psychologically, it is the best place any human can be.

I am not sure how or why I acquired more of these books since college. They probably did me some good, but the authors would be sorely disappointed to know their teachings didn’t meet their goals in me. For as I flipped through this genre of books, I also saw so many conclusions that were inaccurate – conclusions based on best-guesses and narrow observations on certain subjects. Books that claimed to be Christian, but were based on limited common-sense about how to keep up appearances.

I get tired looking at the endless array of man-made rules. I seek more to reflect Jesus than add another layer of over-arching rules to a world already filled with so much baggage.

There is only one Jesus. And it’s not me, nor anyone else.

thAOFBJHZJMine is not to “be” Jesus to others, but to “reflect” Jesus where I am. Mine is not to be the Bible, but to point others to God’s only Proven Compass that points back to Him in a way no man can.

It’s a lifelong project. It’s a lifelong journey. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

The psychological implications of setting myself up as the ideal for everyone in the world that they may ask that elusive perfect question, “what makes you different?,” is not worth the unnatural and un-Godly turmoil it creates in my soul.

I don’t mean to challenge anyone’s hard work on creating ideal people, but only One has the right to proclaim fully how to work towards the ideal in our fallen, temporary states in this world.


And even Christ was being perfected this side of Heaven.

And having been perfected, He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him.

– Hebrews 5:9

This Christmas season Jesus has reminded me more deeply of his love for me, why he came for humanity and specifically for me.

Without Jesus, there is no ultimate purpose for me, no understanding of interpersonal relations, family, faith, finance, philosophy. The Bible becomes just another book about a good man who died and was rumored to have been raised from the dead.

bible-896219__180But thankfully, the Bible is true. It breathes the Greatest Story ever told, and the only ideal worth meeting.



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