Naturally Letting Out What the Spirit of God has Infused


Now the Word became flesh and took up residence among us. We saw his glory – the glory of the one and only, full of grace and truth, who came from the Father. – John 1:14 (NET)



I thirst for Jesus.



book-690584__180It isn’t always about Bible reading and studying. Yet, this is the only real Holy and human document describing Jesus the way that delights the One Living God, for I know it will be used as the plum line against which my life will be judged on the last day of human history.


thIn my personal spiritual growth, I find I am an opponent of the Gospel and need correcting. But I have learned that I am safe in Christ to have such Holy conversations with Him. Christ Himself allowed opposing points of view. In my many readings, something I never hear Jesus say is, “You can’t think that or do that.”

He simply and gently corrects my thinking and shows me a better way to behave.




When he walked the earth and stood up for himself, the Scriptures reveal to me a God-man who did so without applying un-Godly guilt to his opponents – that is, a guilt that goes beyond what God would impute on another’s conscience – neither did he show a shy modesty when defining himself and speaking up for the truly oppressed.


Jesus defined himself lovingly and didn’t let others derail nor distract him from his purpose under God, not even those who used spiritual reasoning to discourage his work.

chains-19176__180Later the apostles confront this same spirit of religious oppression and discouragement in the early church.

So now why are you putting God to the test by placing on the neck of the disciples a yoke that neither our ancestors nor we have been able to bear? – Acts 15:10 (NET)

needle-652177__180Why do I want to spend time straining gnats to fit through the eyes of needles and use my precious brain-space defending my spiritual positions with other siblings in Christ when I can draw daily from the Living Well Himself and run my personal faith race unhindered?



When I come into fellowship with my siblings in Christ, I love giving and receiving hugs, hearing and speaking, “how are you and is there anything I can [reasonably] do for you now”? and enjoying genuine conversations and fellowship without fear of differing points of view, experiences and personality temperaments separating us.

sunriseBeing with Christ and studying Him every day also means seeing him in his design of family, in my marriage of 21 years and as a new mother to a teen-age girl within the past two months. Being with Christ also means that when I get up in the dark, spend my quiet time with God and then watch his artistic sun rise like clockwork, I want my art work in family and in hobby to reflect His Spirit.

Abandoned wellAs a life-long water-immersed Christ-follower since the age of 13, am I putting weights on others that they have no business bearing, or am I being salt and light as I run my race unhindered and allow the same freedom in others?



Just wondering


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