Loud Boots or Soft Shoes


Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, The people He has chosen as His own inheritance.

– Psalm 33:12

We are in a part of the world at the moment that has an incredible history.



The first settlers came to Poland around the early middle ages. This 1,500 year old people-groups turned nation has survived many wars, boundary redraws and occupations.

I believe this country is one of the world’s dark horse stories. As I look at Poland, I am inspired by their energy and up and coming place in the world.


Warsawopera house Nova.Bydgoszcz Polandmarket-square-904236__180

The people we have encountered so far are warm and hospitable. We have met with high officials and everyday people. All have been fair-minded, kind and offering us the benefit of the doubt in everything.

dluga-street-903730__180I believe this is mercy in action. When in doubt, think the best.

The other day we were walking down a street on a quiet morning. I happened to be wearing boots with hard leather soles. They clacked more loudly than I liked. Though I tried walking softly, they still sounded a warning that someone with loud boots was making their presence known.

I don’t recall a single soul other than myself that morning wearing loud shoes.

I caught the stares of folks, mostly kind, as I passed them. At times an older person would walk by and stare a little longer at me than I felt comfortable.

Then it hit me.

Loud boots

Thoughts of the 1939 invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany came to mind. Some of those living now either recall or were old enough to hear stories from their parents about the loud Nazi boots marching in their streets. The cadence of those uniform stomps were meant to intimidate.

Swierczewo cemetary.WW III then realized I was walking on sacred ground. I began noticing – even days afterwards – that no one wore loud shoes. It may have nothing to do with World War II, yet it made me think twice about where I am and how much respect the Polish people deserve.

After all, they are still here. Many believe it is their faith in God that has allowed their country to survive the ravages of history.

And why not?

royal-601223__180Tatry mountains, Polandchurch-17405__180

Almost 100% claim Roman Catholicism as their faith. The details of one’s faith practice does not have to be the same as mine for the same values to be imparted into a human soul, and even into a country.

In fact, I am all the more grateful for my own faith walk; choosing the Living God who first chose me through my parent’s examples and teachings.

Jesus sandalsI think of my savior Jesus who wore sandals.

This is all we know about his footwear. But let me imagine for a moment…He didn’t wear loud intimidating boots to showcase an entrance into each city, neither did he need loud trumpets announcing his arrival at parties, neither was he offered nor accepted awards for a work well-done.

He lived humbly, walked quietly, was gentle and content, turning to his Father for all direction and affirmation.

Oh how much I love and adore him today.

For Christ is amazing!

2 thoughts on “Loud Boots or Soft Shoes

  1. Denise, I knew you would come up with some inspiring thoughts on your trip to Poland. We are following you on Hugs for Monika and praying for your safe return. Gene and Diana


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