My Family Tree is a Mess—or Is It?

GodReflection: It’s Jesus Friday

garyguarujaMy family tree doesn’t even make it by Adam and Eve before it gets messed up.

My pessimistic view is that if I start with my place on the tree and trace back toward Adam I will find a lot of rotten apples along previously unknown family branches.

familytree4Then it happens. As I step back and look at the tree against the sunlight I notice that a bright reflection comes from some of the fruit.

Upon further investigation my pessimism turns to optimism.

I find that hidden under the leaves of the family tree is a special fruit.

Even more amazed I discover the reflection comes from gold. The sunbeams bounce back at me from golden fruit.

I stand astonished.

What good fortune.

familytree13There are golden apples on my family tree.

That calls for a closer look.

Here is what I discover.

As I inspect the branches that bear the prize fruit I find a scar on the limbs just above the place where each golden apple hangs.

Only the branches that produce the unique fruit have scars. It looks like a purposeful graft.

All other fruit is marred with damage. Each piece is so sickly that surely it will not survive any power that might shake the tree. There are no grafts.

Then I notice something about the scar left by the graft. To get the new graft to take hold and produce the spectacular fruit—each scar was sealed tightly with blood.

familytree11The blood provided immunity for the branch that blocked contamination. As if by a miracle only golden fruit formed.

To me they look a lot like golden grace apples. They look as if they will last through eternity.

Should they do so, my best bet is that it’s Jesus.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on My Family Tree

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