Can Right Jesus Makes Right Worship?

GodReflection: It’s Jesus Friday

garyguarujaI’m not ancient but I’ve witnessed worship wars throughout my entire life.

I’ve even participated in a few. Should those wars not shame me sufficiently, I can add to the scrap pile of useless skirmishes with a read back through history.

Right worshipers seem to find it easy to identify wrong practice of others.

I find it of interest that Jesus never spoke of the mechanics of worship.

worship1For Jesus worship was a heart issue. The spirit of the worshipper was to connect with the spirit of the Creator. Jesus modeled worship through prayer, presence, gratitude, song, and reading Scripture.

One evening just prior to the events that led to crucifixion Jesus placed worship significance into the symbols of bread and


wine as an aid to remember the gift of his sacrificial death to atone for sin with his body and blood.

Nor do I find the mechanics of worship addressed by the New Testament letters. Only when a worship gathering diminished a fellow worshiper or hindered praise to God do the Letters speak out.

Writers of the Letters reflect the teachings of Jesus by their focus on the Holy as the object of worship rather than make any attempt to outline a worship pattern.

To follow Jesus example was to create a time when hearts of worshipers connected to the heart of God with praise.

Here’s my question:

worship5If I take Jesus at his word and enter the worship experience wrapped in obedience to love God with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength; and the concern to treat my fellow worshiper as I would want to be treated—if I stood in his place—would there be any way I could get worship wrong?

I suspect that right Jesus makes right worship.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on Right Jesus Makes Right Worship.

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