Women Nurture

denise-croppedI recall a conversation years ago with a beloved elder. He told me he believed women teach men to become more nurturing and men teach women to become more firm.

I am grateful that God created male and female in His image (Genesis 1:27), and that we all have a place in Kingdom work.


For this post, I am focusing on the nature of things, rather than on roles in and out of church.

I observed my boxer this morning on our walk and sat fascinated. She has a hunting gene. Maggie has captured and eaten dove for lunch and can’t resist chasing squirrels.

Mags & Turtle 2

Today she approached a turtle laying her eggs with caution and touched the tip of her nose to the turtle’s pointy snout. At first I thought Maggie might be looking for meat, so I was glad when the turtle recoiled into its shell.

I coaxed Maggie away with my command to “come,” but she kept her four legs planted, eyebrow furrowed as she gazed intently at the little turtle.

Mags & Turtle 1

Maggie has never had pups of her own that we know of. She is a rescue who was treated well up until we got her at four years of age. She loves people and usually competes with animals. But this little turtle was bringing out something different in her.

So I decided to watch the story playing out in front of me and encourage what was going on as if Maggie were my curious child.



She went around behind the turtle, and as a body guard fixed on protecting, Maggie gently laid down by her self-made charge and relaxed her head on the shell.

Mags & Turtle 3


Mags & Turtle 4

The little turtle got up, and waddled slowly at first, then in its best turtle gallop, took a speeding dive into the pond.

Mags & Turtle 5

Maggie watched — I am imaging now — wondering where her newfound friend was going, and headed to the pond to wait for the turtle to surface. Again, I believe she was – on some level – protecting the little creature.

Mags & Turtle 6

Women nurture.

No matter the species, it’s what we do.

But with God’s design, his personal breath (Gen. 2:7) brought man alive beyond being an instinctive animal; we eternal creatures get to consciously chose whether to worship Living God or not all the days of our lives.

So embedded in our female wiring is a desire to nurture, yet we don’t do it alone. Sometimes when we are by ourselves in our daily commitments, we can feel most vulnerable, and yet it’s when we are most strong when tethered to God through focusing on the good around us.

Women juggle unimaginable loads at times, even if they consider themselves simple and uncomplicated. All amidst biological wiring that can both be fascinating and frightening with the panoply of emotions that can flow so easily. It’s the way God designed us, beautifully and wonderfully made.

Men, we appreciate you so much and all you do for us. Please keep up the good work as I imagine it makes Jesus happy to see success when the genders co-operate according to His grand plan.


A note: In light of the recent Supreme Court decision, I would have written this story today anyway. It is simply what stood out to me to share. Hope you were blessed.

6 thoughts on “Women Nurture

  1. How true it is that both sexes are absolutely important and significant in God’s plan. We are so much alike, but we are different. Like the old country song said, “Hooray! for that little difference!”


  2. You are absolutely right. The heavens declare God’s handiwork, and so do his little creatures. Thanks for sharing this great story.


  3. yes, Denise, I was blessed and as always am stunned and delighted at your gigantic spirit and capacity for expressing spiritual values.very Helped here,Dad  


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