Good God Gives Grace and never Gives Up!

denise-croppedHuman nature is a gift. After all, it’s what all people are made of, flesh and blood and a spiritual soul.

Being human to me simply means being alive in the material world in the flesh and spiritual soul state.

I can’t be God, and I am not an animal, but God did create humans to respond purposely back to him because of this beautiful connection of having a spiritual soul, not merely an instinct driven by stimuli.

And we do respond.


We respond with our yeses and no’s.

We respond with our cries and woes.

We respond with our celebrations and thanksgivings.

We are under God’s care whether we admit it or not, feel it or not, fully understand it or not.

His grace reaches all of us…

It’s the rare human that denies the effect of grace, love, joy and all God’s pleasant gifts deep within the soul. Most people recognize the good feelings that flow from a clear conscious, a clean heart and a mind focused on God. Another person’s gods may be different, but the blessing that comes from obedience is undeniable.

Living God wishes all humanity had this for him all the time.

But we don’t.

So His grace reaches us, and never gives up.


When I give into God’s enormous grace which surrounds me, I confess I stand stunned.

And the greatest of all those times is when God’s mighty hand has been undeniable.

Others don’t have to see Him or agree with my take. But if I see an answered prayer, I celebrate deep within.

When the miracle of forgiveness happens all around, such as with the precious Charleston congregation who lost nine members two weeks ago, and are choosing immediate forgiveness — and all that is involved in releasing bitterness towards the perpetrator to God’s care — I stand amazed at God’s grace.

God’s Grace is always giving and never gives up.



In my reading this morning, my soul received yet another feeding of God’s wonderful words of grace:

Therefore, since we are justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ…For sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace.

– Romans 5:1 & 6:14


How grand.

How undeniable for the child of God.


How much more should I offer it to those around me when God has given me so much!

Thank you God that Jesus fights for me daily, even when I deserve it least. He intervenes on my behalf even when I consciously don’t understand my trespass. Thank you for your Amazing Grace that continues to give to overflowing, never giving up on your Beloved, Jesus, in whom we are clothed.


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