Worship Journey

A God Reflection on Cross Church

This is one of seven posts I am bringing back to the light of day from a former series of exploration I titled Cross-Church. You can find more of these posts at GodReflection.org under the heading Gary’s Reflections.

garyguarujaThere comes a time is any attempt of lament over a divided church to raise questions as to sources of division.

I want to honor Scripture and a Holy God in my observation.

May I make an observation on public worship?

It is strange to me but it seems as if public worship in the church is one of the greatest culprits of division within Christ body.

I would think it would be the place in the life of the church to demonstrate our greatest hour of unity as the body of Christ. I am speaking of unity not uniformity.

The answers I hear to this dilemma seem shallow at best. I hear others are not concerned about truth so they don’t worship as I do.  I hear that others don’t honor Scripture as God’s Word so their worship is not correct. I see deep traditions described as “Thus says the Lord.” I see more concern about what I want than what Jesus wants.

To look at the history of worship and to witness worship during my lifetime I see humankind’s attempt to worship a Holy God as just that—an attempt.

We can do better on this one if we will clear away some of the fog that surrounds worship.

Scripture describes worship in terms of heart. I must let that soak in. The very idea must penetrate the depth of my soul.

In Old and New Testament, if the heart is not right worship is not right. God wants those made in His image to possess hearts that beat in rhythm with His.

Manufactured arguments on the how to worship—based on tradition while placed under the umbrella of Scripture—seem pointless.

The mouthing of the words aided by pitch pipes or drumming pencils seems meaningless unless the words gush up from a heart aligned with God.

That fact alone makes the word studies I read on the historic usage of the word sing ring hollow. A heartless voice, with or without the accompaniment of a drumming pencil, must sound hollow before God.

It seems to me, to argue whether the silence of Scripture is permissive or prohibitive [if not from my church tradition this line of thought is foreign] regarding the how of worship reverts to personal opinion rather than heart alignment and looking to Jesus.

OK, here is where I am at this very moment on my worship journey.

I see the need for worship to be a way of life as common to me and as often to me as the air I inhale. I want worship to be the backdrop of my life.

I want to be able to worship God on the mountaintops of life and in the ditches of despair.

That will include private worship and at times worship when assembled with fellow Christ followers. I want worship to flow deep from my spirit to His. Deep heart worship exploding from my spirit is to worship the very embodiment of Truth in truth.

I am naïve enough to believe if sons and daughters of Jesus could get heart worship right, the Godhead would smile in trio and unity among their children would increase.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on Cross-Church.

Gary@Godreflection.org     www.MakeYourVisionGoViral.com


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