The Conversation Connection

denise-croppedMy sister introduced me to Comedians in Cars with Coffee (CCC). They are short comedy sketches where Jerry Seinfeld takes comedians in unique, vintage or unusual cars to get coffee. The reason for the sketches isn’t because they’re comedians, nor is it to get coffee, and neither is it to ride in the unique cars.

It’s for conversation.

Conversation connects, builds trust and mutual respect, three relational traits that are always in season.


When I get on the CCC site, I am selective about the topics as not all of them appeal to me. When I find a video sketch I like, instantaneously I feel as if I am in the back seat enjoying the ride with Jerry Seinfeld.

I read a few of the comments below one of the videos and one person commented, “Jerry Seinfeld is having so much fun.”

The follow-up comment to that one was, “…I wish I were rich.”

Piggy bank

Now, I am not sure if the second comment was a follow up to the first or independent. Neither will I presume to know the motivation.

Here’s what I found myself thinking…

There was a time where I wished I were rich too. I think it’s natural for young people to think material riches make one more acceptable, loved and respected.

But today here’s what I desire…

To focus on the things that make me rich. To not want someone else’s version of fun, but to find it in my own corner of the world. I am rich with friends. I cannot be close to all of them, but there are a number of folks I can call up and make plans to get together for coffee and a catch up conversation.

Coffee and cinnamon stick

I don’t have to be rich and influential to have fun. But I admit being in friendships puts one in a place of community, mutual respect and a success of its own. They are the connections that keep us running the race of life joyfully while holding us up in trials.

My maternal grandfather was a cotton farmer. They didn’t need a lot to be happy. They were rich because they had each other. They’ve kept in touch with each other all these years and find a reason to laugh even when going through difficulties without overanalyzing, blaming or shaming. We simply hang onto life together.

Happy children Happy cowboy Happy friends

Fun is attractive. Happiness is contagious. Joy heals and restores. Even those who labor can find deep wells of joy in work. There’s always a reason to smile.

Jesus also did many other things. If they were all written down, I suppose the whole world could not contain the books that would be written. (John 21:25)

I imagine Christ having conversations with people about life here and ever after at wells, on journeys and across meals.

Were Jesus here in person today, I imagine he might take a ride in the car with Jerry Seinfeld and speak authentically about life, have some laughs and make God more alive in the hearts and minds of those in the car.

The borders of His Kingdom are enlarged as we are rich towards the Jesus that lives in our hearts, and let his love flow over our daily conversations.


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