Bridging Theory with Reality

denise-croppedOne of the difficulties with writing is that the inspiration must come from somewhere. Is it studied and produced in a vacuum; a theory that if adhered to faithfully produces correct outcomes? If I am writing from this position, then I am safe. After all, I don’t get hurt and don’t hurt others…theoretically.

What if the inspiration comes from real life? The possibility of someone always getting hurt is great.

How does one write without hurting anyone?

I’d love to know that secret. Still learning. Not having been skilled in academia and peer review, I am learning in the school of hard knocks. I wish it weren’t so, but I live in the reality I am given. I thank God Gary sees something worthwhile in this work-a-day Christian, so flawed, yet known God’s grace in a great way.

Frederick Buechner said that every morning one should only profess God after reading The New York Times. I wholeheartedly agree. He was a novelist before he became a minister; he was schooled in tangible harsh realities before allowing Christ to wash over him. I was “brought up in the church,” so it’s easier for me to get disappointed and see the world as going down. Mr. Buechner, though, somehow always sees the world as going up.

I like his take.

So I’ve taken to a new strategy lately. I read the Word at night rather than in the morning. The original beginning of a day was after sundown, so I fill my mind with God’s Word before letting it soak deeply into my psyche through sleep. My sleep is better and I wake up ready to do my work in a world I cannot control but must live in with all the love of Jesus I know. I wake up happier, do my duties, exercise and get going with my day. When possible, I read, and include God’s Word as my ultimate guide.

God gives me material to write about everyday as I look around. I don’t write to preach or teach, but simply to show where God is being reflected in my corner of the planet.

I think Jesus would like this.

In fact, as I was given the privaledge to write to this audience thanks to Gary, it is my position to always be grateful. I write not to be safe, but to be real and do my best to not hurt anyone.

I guess this is why I find Gary’s desire to make the Christian walk a conversation so easy to do. Tangible life requires constant conversation and being vulnerable. People talk not only to their own, but to others and new friends. I love to converse about life and Jesus with anyone when appropriate.

Thanks Gary for talking so realistically about Jesus. It helps me see him more everyday and gives me courage to love others like Jesus loves me.

My aim today is that the bridge between theory and reality – however it is served up – has the name Jesus stamped on its foundation.


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