Jesus is the Secret

denise-croppedThere’s a lot of speculation about what Christ may have told his disciples during the 40 days between his resurrection and ascension. There’s a lot I don’t know.

But here’s what I know.

The writers chose to focus on Jesus and the confirmation of his risen body.

Why didn’t they write more on his secret wishes for the church? Maybe they did. Maybe the secret was to just know Jesus, not only as a historical figure, but also as risen eternal king of mankind.

Silhouette of family on beach


Just as Jesus met people where they were on his days on earth, He still meets us where we are today in our present century and circumstances.



Jesus is the doorway for anyone to walk through every day in order to live life. His doorway is easier to find when we live in a way that earns our right through genuine relationship with others to share him Biblically with them. His doorway is big enough to fit anyone who loves Jesus and wants to grow in the knowledge of his grace.

I grew up hearing instruction on church formation. Yet, the conversation behind closed doors told me more about the heart of those I grew up with over what was taught about church. I found I too wanted to converse about Jesus and life. It is in conversation that life happens and we get better connected to God and each other.

When I first began writing, I gave instruction because it was the oxygen I breathed in my upbringing and sometimes still inhale sitting in one-way teaching situations in church.

Neon LoveBut life is lived on another level. Life is interactive, an ongoing conversation in family and among friends. I find I desire more to write about Jesus’s Good Spirit and attitude. He can instruct people personally better than I can. I have my ideas about life and how God has worked in mine and the few natural laws I’ve figured out with God’s help. But what gets me through life is Christ’s love and wanting to thank him by loving God and others through my life and writing. I want to live a conversation I have with Jesus all day long and bring others into that chat room.

Two men walking on pathCould it be that my days are to be filled with walking and talking about present realities in the shadow of the Perfect world to come and how amazing it will be to be in God’s presence forever? And that I should do this first with my loved ones in the beauties that surround looking forward to a perfected earth? To serve those around me in need where realistic and possible while I await Jesus’ return?

Could it be that God’s perfect plan to expand His spiritual family came with few, but understandable instructions that I might live inhindered while on my days on earth?Nature path


Could it be I must only focus on the pattern that is Jesus, looking forward to walking and talking eternally with him on his perfect path?


So many questions, not enough time. I find my worship of Jesus increasing day by day as I take him and his view of life and eternity more to heart.


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