Learning to Wait Assertively

GodReflection: Power Word Wednesday

garyguarujaYes, I know the adverb is at the end of the title. It just seems to give more punch to the practice of learning to wait.

I don’t wait well.

I find there are times to act and there are times to wait. To know the difference comes with wiring, experience, and walking with Jesus.

I believe God wired me as an action person. That is different from impetuous. To jump without prayer and forethought is a great formula for pain and regret.

However, when the fact collection of wait time ends it is the moment to move forward.

wait3I like to think that I live in a state of assertive wait.

Let me explain.

I understand my role in life as a disciple of Jesus is two-fold.

First, I’ve signed on with Jesus to bring as much kingdom to earth as possible during my walk under the shade of his grace and his will within the current reality.

That is one assertive aspect of my wait.

Second, I’ve conformed myself to patiently wait for the time when God’s timing will transform this current reality we call earth into the perfection that is yet to be restored.

wait2I also find in the process of patently waiting for the new heaven and the new earth there is to be assertive action on my part to prepare my life to the fullest extent possible for my final destiny.

As Paul writes to the Christ committed in Rome he describes the wait in terms of creation’s expectation of the time when God will reveal the combined total of all His children (8:19). His family will be complete. God will have found all of his lost children who want to come home.

All of His children who seek His heart will be ready to be home with the Father.

Paul reminds his letter recipients’ of the extra special anticipation which exists by walking in the fruit of the Spirit (8:23).

A rich blessing of discipleship is to enjoy God’s banquet on earth while waiting in great anticipation for new bodies and the succulent desserts of the next reality.

wait12In the same section of Scripture, the apostle acknowledges that waiting takes place in an atmosphere of suffering. Life is hard.

Pain is real. However, even living with pain and loss as constant companions I am to wait patiently and expectantly for Jesus return.

I love Jude’s short but pithy advice to all who make up the body of Jesus.

“Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.”

So here I am with another power word for my walk.

wait8The word to wait is pregnant with power. It is replete with action.

Within my wait, I bring God’s Kingdom to earth. Throughout my wait for eternity, I grow in the likeness of Jesus as I submit my spirit to his.

Jesus infused wait with purpose.

The word “wait” turns out to be a robust word of power to guide my walk, don’t you think?

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on Wait as a Word of Power.

Gary@Godreflection.org     www.MakeYourVisionGoViral.com


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