Any Prayer Gets God Into Life

denise-croppedYears ago I made a decision not to argue with other people’s prayer requests in my mind or even out loud.

I chose to listen and pretend I am in the other person’s shoes; the one courageous enough to speak up about needs and wants.

I don’t argue with God’s work in another’s life. They either have the Holy Spirit living inside them, or he is knocking on their heart’s door.

Either way, God’s Good Spirit is active. I need to remember I am on Holy Ground when someone speaks their heart.

I am thankful that people are praying at all to God, and it gets God into their life.

Praying woman

I have yet to hear anyone courageous enough to speak up about a “frivolous” prayer request, after getting corrected say, “Wow! I am so glad I got corrected.”

What usually happens is people get more nervous, doubtful and silent.

They may even recoil or go to another congregation.

They lose trust not only in the person who “boldly” corrected them, but if in a class, they lose respect for the teacher that didn’t have the courage to validate them.

I also find it rather interesting that the one correcting usually has more materially than the one asking for the prayer request. I have yet to see it the other way around.

Gratitude for God’s tender mercies of health, ability to work and manage materialism can produce worship if we let it. Otherwise it’s easy to let success define us and then modestly set ourselves up as an example to follow.

But sometimes people don’t want as much as we have. They just want a need filled and are seeking camaraderie in their prayer request.

Wouldn’t it be more Christ-like to pray for any request?

If God answers their prayer, celebrate it! Especially if the prayer-requestor is thanking God!

Thanking God

Reasoning that a person should not thank God for a car just because they figured out how to get the money to buy it gets God out of the picture.

Let God in the picture every time someone asks for something, and watch God work!


Today I am believing God always hears every prayer, and only he can judge the earnest and those in good standing with him.

But sometimes God is silent.

His silence is like being put on hold, not a flat out “No.”

He may answer it with a better reply replacing the original request.

He may close a door that hurts for a season only to open a better one in due time.

He may bless one with material wealth because he knows they can handle it.

He may bless someone with a more simple life because he knows it will focus them on their precious God-given life, gifts and God himself.

Praying girl

Whatever the case, let people ask anything of God.

Jesus gives us permission.

If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.*



*John 14:14


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