Is Atonement In My Top Ten?

GodReflection: Power Word Wednesday

garyguarujaPerhaps it’s the overload of the information age. Maybe it is modernity.  Is it today’s time crunch? Everyday vocabulary leeches the word “atonement” from speech. Both word and concept are obsolete.  In today’s world, sentence and service pay for societal sins—not atonement.

The heart of atonement is Jesus blood.

In Old Testament Scripture God moved the people toward Jesus through repeated use of blood from bulls and goats to atone for sin. However, a day was to come when God’s son—His first-born lamb would cover all sin upon a sacrificial cross. This onetime sacrifice served for all eternity.

Thus, God gave atonement a definition from the cross that would never change. Jesus blood atones or replaces all sin.

atonement1I want to remind myself daily that by my submission to Jesus I live under the atonement.  I don’t have to fear a sentence from God.  Jesus stood in my place. He atoned for each of my past and future sins.

The only way to remove myself from the power of atonement is to remove my allegiance from Jesus.

Based upon that fact—here is what I think.

My sincere allegiance to Jesus covers all missteps in action and belief that come from my Adamic genes.  That is the reality of living under the canopy of atonement.

Like religious leaders of Jesus times, I’ve accumulated a rather impressive list of religious expectations. Some made their way into my behavior through traditions of my church tribe. I want to think that other expectations come directly from Jesus.

In more honest and sober moments, I admit to a rather pathetic record of meeting traditional expectation and a dismal record of reaching the standard Jesus raised in his mountain sermon that starts in Matthew chapter five.

I can react with guilt or I can rest beneath the power of atonement.

atonement8Truth is—I find it shamefully incredible that atonement didn’t appear as one of my first ten in this power word series.  Atonement assures my daily freedom to walk without guilt in the presence of Jesus.

Atonement covers all missteps in service and worship.

Grace, joy, love, worship, and service all gush from atonement’s power. My desire to reflect Jesus flows from God’s atoning gift of His Son nailed to a cross and raised on the third day as assurance of my eternity with the Holy.

atonement5I wonder why I don’t carry a smooth stone in my pocket engraved with the words, The Atonement?

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on Atonement as a Word of Power.

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