Dreams are a Gift

denise-croppedYears ago when I lived and worked in the Boston area, I fell in love with the sport of crew. I think it one of the most beautiful team sports ever devised. On my days off, on early chilly mornings, I would make my way from the town of Arlington into Cambridge, drive through Harvard Square and find a place on the Charles River, usually by the Harvard boat dock. I enjoyed watching crew teams train on the mist-kissed waters.


I wrote my family letters of my adventures up North, the dreams I had, the people I was meeting and the wonderful local church I was then a part of. A congregation that became my spiritual family away from family for the thirteen years I lived there, at first single, then finishing out my years married to my wonderful John.

For a few months, I had a part-time co-worker who was also a college student. She had once assisted a dream psychologist concurrently with rowing on a university crew team.

Crew blue Crew black

She told me that dreams are a way our mind solves problems. She said if we pay attention to our dreams, we can learn a lot about how we are hardwired. Though she wasn’t a professing Christian, I saw God’s fingerprints over this whole thing.

She went on to tell me a story about a recent regatta she rowed. Though excited about having made it to the finals, she fell into bed exhausted and stressed. But just before she fell asleep, she got her mind focused.

She resolved that she was going to give her best at the event the next day.

That night she dreamed she was in the Alps, skipping and flying over the snow covered peaks effortlessly.

Snow covered peaks

The next day she was ready to perform. The team was in synch physically and psychologically.

But this wasn’t just any regatta. It was for an international title in her university’s class.

My co-worker told me with no hint of arrogance, with a smile on her face and pure-hearted joy

“… we won the tournament.”

She went on to tell me that had they not won, that they were resolved to be fine, learn the lessons and do better next time. This event was what it was; a competition, not a life-defining event.

Her character development depended on this mindset.

God used my co-worker to teach me a valuable lesson about God’s rich gift of dreams and the power of tenacity.

Yes I can

Jesus can help us work through wonderful and strange seasons and come out better.

When we end each day with Jesus, when we can lay our head on the pillow and say “thank you for another day of life,” and all that goes with that, we can have the gift of sweet dreams and begin afresh the next day. We live beyond the cross. We live in Resurrection Day. We live in the day where Jesus is always the Great Yes!

Alps and cross

For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, whom we proclaimed among you, Silvanus and Timothy and I, was not Yes and No, but in him it is always Yes.*

So sleep tight tonight knowing God cares, loves and is in the process of redeeming those who call on His name day and night!

God is a visionary and will help His visionaries make their ways through the valleys and peaks of life as we continue hanging on to His will and his tender hand by faith!


*2 Corinthians 1:19 (ESV)

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