A View From The Pew: God’s Story

denise-croppedLast night’s mid-week class on Exodus bought home so many lessons. I’ve been pondering them since.

Our minister pointed out that the Bible is a story with laws, not a law in itself.

I believe my minister because I believe this for myself and appreciate the confirmation last night.

150422.Book Edge

I appreciate my minister. He knows God gave everyone a good mind and our minister respects that part of our nature. He speaks so humbly that the lesson always soaks into my heart.

God uses him to help me learn more about Jesus. In turn, it makes me want to come to church. I rarely hear our minister remind us we need to return to church. He simply brings the Real Host of this local congregation alive in a way that we can’t wait to return to be with the Body of Christ.

150422.Fellow TravelersI seek to follow the Director of my soul as best as possible so the others in my story benefit. Hopefully they will get to see our Creator and Savior in a clearer light in my personal story. And in turn, some of my fellow travelers help me understand God better when I am staying tuned.

I guess that’s why I find it difficult drawing circles that keep others out of God’s story. There were smart and capable people who could have helped the helpless in Jesus’ time that wanted to keep people out of God’s Story. It made Jesus angry.

I don’t want to be like that when I can help it.150422.Conversing with friends

It’s about walking through God’s Story with mutual respect for the other characters who live in and around me in this time and place.

I also thought about the stories that end all too soon. The stories cut short. They end with great sadness before they ever get traction in this life.

When these times happen, there is nothing to be said, except to sit with God, weeping, pondering and working through our grief with Jesus.

When we go through valleys, we are not alone. The good news is that Jesus holds it all together. The mountains that seem so high and loom over us as we make our way through the unknown terrain don’t crumble.

They just stand there. 150422.Dark Valley



As God created them.

They feel like they will engulf us. But picturing Jesus’ loving arms holding the mountains in their place while walking through the dark part of our story is comforting.

We are never alone, even in the most treacherous parts of our stories. Why? Because so long as we draw breath, we are in His-story.

I recently read a story about a teacher who was helping her young class memorize Psalm 23. One little boy who was nervous about reciting the psalm said, “The Lord is my shepherd. That’s all I need to know.”

When God’s story takes us to strange and dark places, sometimes all we need to know is He will guide us.

Our story in this land will end at some point.

God’s Story will go on forever.

150422.Wedding Dress and bare feetHis Son gave me a white garment to wear when I was immersed into Christ’s body so God can recognize me on that last day. I want to keep it spotless but need His guidance and constant cleansing.

My aim is to be at the cast party when the Final Curtain is drawn on His-story. I look forward to meeting the main Character, Christ and the Stars of His Story.

What an awesome day that will be!


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