Fruit Trait: Faithfulness (Kim and Darrell)

denise-croppedI was taken by my sister-in-law Kim’s enthusiasm the first time I met her. But one thing I learned quickly, I would never be able to keep up! She has so much energy and creativity that her life spins circles around mine. But I’ve learned a level of faithfulness from Kim that I so appreciate.

I first met her when my brother Richard introduced her to us in the late 1980s. He was so thankful and rightfully proud to meet such a woman. Her life has been wanting to please God and do the best work she knows with all she has, and that caught Richard’s attention.

They met at work. He romanced her in such a sweet way and they married in 1989. After having three children, she continued working and doing her projects, at home, church and community. Kim is creative. She made many photo albums over the years to preserve her family’s precious memories.

She and Richard raised Austin, Tyler and Tori under a banner of love and good work. They also enjoyed wonderful times on their acreage, which was a restful place to end up after a long week. We’d crash on the couch, watch TV, sit around the kitchen table and talk, all the while enjoying wonderful homemade food!

After losing Richard in 2003, Kim continued working. She earned a counseling degree while working full-time and raising three children, taking them faithfully to church.

About six years later she met Darrell. He brought fun and friendship back into her life in a way no one else could. As her family, we could love her and appreciate her in our way; her children brought another kind of joy into her life, but Darrell brought faithful company.

Kim & Darrell at Tyler's Game2

I can remember a giant bear of a man who hugged us gently when John and I first met Darrell. His big smile let us know so much about his heart. He’s a quiet man, but very generous. His generosity was well-expressed in his daughter Kristin who is very close to her father. Having Kristin as his main responsibility for many years before meeting Kim brought out the best in Darrell. In time, God rewarded him with our kind Kim.

He gave Austin, Tyler and Tori a second father. Though he does not take Richard’s place, he has indeed brought fatherhood to life under their roof again.

Once Kim and Darrell were married, they opened their home up to the family. We enjoy many of our holidays and birthday celebrations with Darrell and Kim. Faithfulness is a word that describes their hospitality; there is always enough food, fun and friendship to go around when walking through their doors.

Thank you God that Kim and Darrell found each other and are able to have a good life together. My prayer is they continue understanding how blessed we are to see them so happy. I think that’s how happiness grows, which in turns fuels faithfulness.


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