Fruit Trait: Goodness (John)

denise-croppedBut the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such there is no lawGalatians 5:22-23

I have the honor of being the wife of a good man. But to me, he is great!

We met a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, having lived our high school and young adult years in the ‘70s and ‘80s. John and I dated for many of the best reasons, and some immature reasons. But in it all, our faith in God and love for each other drives us to continue growing. Besides God, John is the one person in whom I confide everything, past, present and future plans.

What first caught my eye was his smile. John smile4

I first met John two years before we had our first date, and was captured by his authentic manner. We met through mutual connections, and when we began dating two years later, we never dated anyone else. It would be four years, some more schooling and job security in place before we got married.

We are glad we took that time, but we understand it’s not a pattern for everyone. But what I recommend is talking about everything one knows, believes and dreams with a future mate, including encouraging each other on the journey to Heaven. Everyone’s story is different and we love to hear the different ways God brings couples together, without judgment.

One of John’s great traits is his lack of using comparisons in relationship. I don’t recall that John has ever compared me to anyone else, but always valued my specific traits. Neither does he compare himself to anyone else, but is confident in whom God created him to be and the work God has given him to do. John and I seek to compare ourselves only to Jesus. At times we still fall short, comparing ourselves with others, which we have had confirmed is a root of unnecessary unhappiness. So we return to his maternal grandmother’s wisdom when she taught her family that “comparisons are odious,” and indeed they are.

Almost immediately upon meeting John, he invited me to meet his parents, brothers and sisters. I could tell he was a man who had been loved and appreciated by his family. I was right. The youngest of five children, the “surprise,” he was the child that his four older siblings enjoyed. There are wonderful pictures of him being hugged and kissed on by his brothers and sisters. There is one photograph of him in between his parents, bringing them closer together. It captures the essence of his sincere, unifying spirit.

CaptureBecause of John’s love for me, his family readily accepted me and in turn, it was easy to love them. They invited me on their annual family vacations and all family get-togethers. Before I knew it, I was integrated into the McEwen family. They have always been very good to me, and so it is no surprise that they produced such a good son. He in turn honors his family by always staying in touch as often as possible; whether good or bad times, humorous or tough talks.

John’s strengths include construction, an eye for detail and an honest and open communication.

Because he loves construction, and has done it for a living, he finds himself outdoors a lot. He sometimes calls me when he sees a beautiful sunrise. He also has a Biology degree and finds great joy in talking things science and their connection with the Creator.

As for his honesty and open communication, they are hallmarks of his goodness.

God has used John to help transform my shy, overly-self conscious self into a less fearful and more honest soul. He has always allowed me to voice my thoughts without my fearing harsh push-back when he is not in full agreement, which makes me respect him more. He also is honest with me in every way he knows how and accepts my honesty gracefully, which helps me improve my own communication with each experience.

Over the years John has learned to read the Scriptures for himself and more in depth. He always asks great Biblical and life questions and has very astute comments. His prayers reflect his heart and I am always touched with what moves John.

Questions are always welcome with John. He grew up in an open culture where questions are simply a part of life. He is always open to my questions. John has also taught me how to accept questions without feeling threatened. I have God to thank for using John to help me develop these good traits, which have strengthened my personal relationships.

J & D smiles

Thank You God for my husband John McEwen, for he makes sincere effort to grown in You and in our marriage every day. It’s freeing to be married to such a good man. His ambitions are not to be a great man, but to follow Great God and do the best work he knows how with what he has. To me, this is the essence of goodness and Godliness, or should I say God-ness?


4 thoughts on “Fruit Trait: Goodness (John)

  1. Thanks for this beautiful sharing, dear Denise. I’m looking forward to being with you and John again some time soon! God bless you, dear one.


  2. Dizzy with admiration,………………………what a lovely and reassuring set of beautiful observations about a wonderful man of God.Ti Amo, Dad


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