Bridges Cross Over Impenetrable Terrain

GodReflection: It’s Jesus Friday

garyguarujaA world-class bridge awakens my hidden twin genes of architect and engineer.

I’ve no idea who came up with the idea of the first bridge. For a fact, it was a fantastic idea.

Bridges connect. Bridges supply. Bridges provide convenience. Bridges can be works of aesthetic beauty.

To stand and gaze at a bridge that connects two landmasses across mile upon mile of ocean bay or a series of bridges that create a modern highway to span impenetrable jungle mountains and ravines, spawns wonder and admiration.

bridge2What I like most about bridges is their function. They get me from here to there.

Sure, I love the architecture and engineer expertise that made the Brooklyn Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, or the London Bridge, a work of art.

I like the idea that bridges conquer impassable spaces. They solve the “you can’t get there from here” dilemma.   

I don’t need to think long to list destinations I’ve seen because someone else built a bridge.

I find this to be a tremendous illustration of life.

Not only was I born in a New Mexico desert—due to my Adamic genes—my fallen state placed me in a potential spiritual desert for eternity.

bridge1I had one of my “bridge moments” upon a visit to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park in the state of Colorado.

Nine hundred fifty-five feet below rushed the Arkansas River. Twelve hundred sixty feet away stood the opposite side of the canyon.

Short of flight, it was beyond all human possibility to get from where I stood to the other side—that is it was impossible without the bridge.  Completed in 1929 its massive towers reach 150 feet into the sky to support the steel roadbed structure of 1292 wood planks.

Back to my Adamic dilemma. God designed a way out of the dry endless desert.

Across the gorge rest, peace, and happiness is in sight. On the other side of the gorge is life sustained by living bread and the eternal spring. The results are immediate with the first taste and the first sip. It gets better still.

As the water cools, and the bread sustains, life on the other side of the gorge will move eventually to life everlasting in presence of the Creator. Even Holy Scripture fails to communicate to my pea size brain the grandeur of the previous sentence.

bridge5To get to the other side of the gorge God made a bridge—it’s Jesus.

The construction was costly and arduous. God sent His son from heaven to earth to feel every hurt and pain of human existence. The cost culminated in a cross.

The bridge is now in place.

I crossed over the bridge by a declaration of trust in Jesus to sustain. Others witnessed my trust as I symbolically reenacted the death, burial, and resurrection within the waters of baptism.

I crossed the bridge. I move from a spiritual desert to eternal life. I did so by my walk across impenetrable terrain bridged by Jesus.

It’s Jesus.

Stay tuned.

Dr. Gary J. Sorrells – A GodReflection on Jesus the Bridge.


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