Creativity and God’s Will

denise-croppedEven in his most desperate moment in the Garden, Jesus humbly asked God for a way out as opposed to offering up a solution himself. He had spent a lifetime, at least the last three years of His life doing God’s will and following God’s ideas rather than creating new ideas himself. Yet, in his service to God and others, he created. Jesus created healing of the body, mind and soul. Yes, people had to accept his gift, but no human at that point in history had been known to create such completeness in anyone except Jesus, the Son of the Living God.

He never killed anyone though he had every right to. He never inflicted suffering on anyone, though he had a right to and even could have pressured the suffering person to bear it up courageously. No, he relieved suffering. Even with John, his cousin; though he didn’t break him free from Herod’s jail, he responded by healing those around him and sending the message to John that Jesus was, in fact, the One in whom John could put all trust, even to the point of death.

Jesus created life in body, mind and soul. We reflect him most when we are about the work of creating life in others through encouraging words, thoughtful actions, doing good work and doing well with what we have.

Am I opposed to creating new ideas for God? It depends on what the thing is and if it indeed is following God’s will on earth. It’s too big a subject to approach and I am not even qualified enough to have the discussion intelligibly. But I will attempt to express the little I know on the subject and hope it is of some value.

All I know is today I am a woman living two thousand years after the Lord Jesus. I am free to speak on Godly themes in my writings. I too am a student, not a master. I too am subject to the same laws Christ was. But because of God’s infinite grace, God is allowing me creativity because of where I fall in history; an open society where women can be educated, make independent decisions, cooperate with others for God’s glory and grow in God’s grace by applying knowledge received through study of God’s word.

But people obey differently. Some believe the call of God is for everyone in the same way. Some see the call to serve God as one giant call to serve humanity with Kingdom citizens playing different roles in God’s Kingdom economy across the globe. Sometimes there are battles for which way is more honoring to God. For sure Scripture speaks of those doing good works whom God will not recognize on that last day, but Scripture also teaches that Jesus didn’t allow his own disciples to begin destroying the goats before the time was right. 1 Neither should we. Who knows that we might be on another’s “goat” list. I personally believe that the judgments we cast carelessly on others will come back to us in this lifetime if we don’t get that thing right.

Mercy triumphs over judgment. 2

But the good news is we can always let Jesus change us more today to be more merciful if we have erred on the matter.

For who knows that the one we separate out ignorantly through jealousy, envy, gossip and slander might have been a future doctor who might have had a hand in healing a family member in the future? Or a future philanthropist who opens a hospital wing to serve the emergency needs of many? Or a future teacher that might make a difference in the life of one’s own child? Or a future missionary teaching someone overseas who might travel to this land to become one’s own minister in the distant future? Who knows?

God has allowed creativity in so many others who profess Christ who don’t even know they are being creative. Even when we follow God’s will, He allows grace in our personal learning curves, a creativity of sorts. It’s with great humility that I write what I write. I know not everyone across the globe has such freedom, so I write with them in mind as if to speak about things they wish they could speak on.

From the modest parts of the body who serve in their neighborhoods by being cooperative and good citizens to those who have visible ministries around the world, the body of Christ continues to create. We create for God’s glory. We love to pretend it’s not for our own glory, but the truth is, that is false modesty. We are to present our work to the Lord on the last day. Many see it as a day when they will only be accused of wrong doings and hope their good has outdone their evil. But this is wrong. Human religions are filled with balance-scale judgment days. God reigns supreme and knows no human’s good will truly outdo the one evil we’ve done in mind and body, which is why we need Jesus. Because of Jesus, those who are clothed with Him, grace will cover all. This is the beauty, glory and wonder of Jesus. He took it all on at the cross and continues bearing our sin until that last day.

I believe that last day can be a show and tell for the Lord. To be so modest as to pretend we are invisible is nonsensical. It is the hand of the mother that cares for a child, the employee’s intelligence that moves a company forward, a father’s presence that makes the difference in his children, the writer’s pen, the leader’s example, the teacher’s training. And when people do good work and they know it, they should feel good about it deep in their souls. People are to be seen, heard, loved on and followed where their example is worthy, whether professing Christ or not.

On that last day, I believe both scenarios will take place, accusations from God’s enemy and a show and tell from us, but we need not fear with Jesus as our attorney.3

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

There’s just something about that name

Master, savior, Jesus

Like the fragrance after the rain

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

Let all Heaven and earth proclaim

Kings and kingdoms shall all pass away

But there’s something about that name

Jesus is supreme. Jesus reigns. His Kingdom is His. I am a subject reflecting Christ in my own personal call. My prayer is you are too.

What beautiful, courageous and needed thoughts and works are waiting to be created uniquely today by us for someone else’s good?

Just wondering.


1 Matthew 7:23, Luke 9:54

2 James 2:13

3 I John 2:1

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