The Opinion that Matters

denise-croppedOne of my favorite contemporary Christian songs says it well, Mercy Me’s Greater. It’s a message for those who’ve grown up in the age of intellectualism and an overabundance of knowledge. Sometimes when we get tired and don’t get enough rest, we fight bad messages, misunderstandings and miscalculations. But turning to the One who is greater in me than the one living in the world is my peace.

We need Christ to help untangle and destroy the lies that our own minds, the world and God’s enemy throw our way. Scripture is a start, but we all need connection with others. We need good friends, teachers and mentors face-to-face, or in books when real ones cannot be found. God’s double revelation is an open book; Scripture to know God’s specific will, and the creation to understand His power to create intelligent life that returns the affection to Him. Even when others don’t understand us, God always does. His opinion is the most pure and accurate. He does not lie and he does not make second class creatures.

He’s opinion is greater than the opinion of the one living in the world!

Creation is always praising God. Humans are given a choice. How will I praise Him today with my life?

Just wondering.

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