What are the Odds?

denise-croppedI was in my backyard last week with our dog Maggie and I spotted a four-leaf clover. My heart leapt never having found one before. Curious, I looked around for a second. I figured if I found a second maybe it’s not as rare a thing, and therefore not so special. I am confessing a little cynicism in the process, but stick with me because I believe the story is redemptive.

So there it was, a second four-leaf clover roughly two feet away.

Two 4-Leaf Clover

I took a picture and sent it to about fifteen of my family and close friends. I received about four replies.

Four 4-Leaf clovers2A couple of days later my curiosity instinct kicked in when I took Maggie out for a break. I got as close to the grass without getting on my knees. Within a few seconds I spotted another 4-leaf clover. This patch was about 20 feet away from the first patch. Within another minute I had found three more! Again, I texted the picture to about ten people. This time no answer. I guess too much of a good thing is not so special anymore. Or is it?

This morning I got up wondering which post I was going to contribute. Meanwhile I wanted to a little research on four-leaf clovers. In between the internet and picking my husband’s biology brain, the short story is if you find one four-leaf wonder, odds go up that you will find another. The fourth-leaf gene is inheritable and with the right conditions, the variety that sprouts the fourth leaf will be found in close proximity.

I was so impressed with the multiple spiritual connections that I wrote them down as quickly as possible, and as you see, it made today’s posting! I will only focus on a few thoughts that came to mind…

When I see God’s hand at work all around me, especially in nature, I chose: I can walk away unimpressed, or I can walk away with gratitude that the Creator designed such a fun way to draw me to enjoy his artistry.


I find comfort in Christ’s word picture, “…where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”1 Now, this is not an exposition of the whole teaching, just one facet of this precious gem of truth. My take-away this morning is that anyone who gathers in the name of Jesus has him in their assembly as well, whether it’s over coffee, over the phone, texting and emailing each other and of course, on our gatherings on Sundays.

It’s incumbent upon me to be aware that I am not the only one who has faith in Christ. I am going to take Descartes’ saying, “I think, therefore I am,” a step further. I confessed Christ, therefore I am a Christian. Others are confessing Christ, where can I find them at work for God?

I can focus on the differences I find with others in or out of church, or I can rejoice that there are others in the world seeking to spread Jesus.

I know there are commands in Scripture, but in reading the above text, I see it as a confirmation of God’s love which in turn appeals to my love for Jesus. I want to be where Jesus is. If it’s alone time with the Bible, then good. If with others who speak respectfully of him, then good. If hearing others on the radio credit God for his blessings, then good.

Where good is, it’s all God!

Where will I find reflections of Christ today?

Just wondering.

1 Matthew 18:20

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