The One-Minute Friend


Jesus is my friend. He is my friend one minute at a time. He’s always with me, and loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

So I too can be a one-minute friend to those around me.

Thirty-some years ago when my mother was in Mary Kay cosmetics, I did a little sales myself, but learned more about Mary Kay Ash by working as my mother’s secretary, whose persona is very much like my Mary Kay’s. Mary Kay made an effort to respect every person who came her way. She looked them in the eye, listened for about one minute, blessed them and moved on. She also set time aside each day to reply to letters and personal phone calls. Was she perfect? Of course not, but if within her power, she gave even in the smallest of ways.

I have sought to practice this and find no email, phone call, text or social media contact is too small to respond to. I am believing the best in others because I don’t always know that they may not be going through a trial. A response may just get them through the minute, hour, day, week, month or year…time enough to help them arrive at another season where they may be stronger to propel on their own again.

Mary Kay’s principle was correct. It’s worked for me on a personal and professional level. People may not always understand me, agree with me or know what to do with me, but one thing they know, I care.

I regret going through a season in my life not practicing this principal because I listened to the well-meaning but wrong voices. Voices who say things like, “They’re just needy,” [as if the speaker has been perfected], “They’re looking for attention” [Who isn’t on some level?], “They’re just feeling sorry for themselves” [as if the speaker never wrestled with such emotions].

Mary Kay didn’t judge. She simply taught, “Everyone is wearing an invisible sign that says, ‘Make me feel important.’” And she responded. Didn’t react. Didn’t try to change people. Simply responded with dignity.

I asked God’s forgiveness and he restored my soul, my mind and my opportunities. Today I don’t want anyone to ever feel lonely, if I can help it. I don’t want them feeling less than when in my presence and I kindly reject the voices and actions of those who are unkind to me. I just pray for them. Christ tells me to return love for outright evil, how much more to be loving when misunderstanding occurs? It’s possible, and even necessary if I am to be formed more like Christ was.

If you are wondering about whether Mary Kay could be genuine with everyone, I can tell you, yes.

I came down with shingles in 1984. Mary Kay had recovered from shingles not long before and made an announcement to her sales force that if anyone ever came down with shingles, to call her. Mom did. I got into a hospital that cured the awful lesions threatening to take one of my eyes. Shortly after I went with mother to Mary Kay’s headquarters and was privileged to run into Mary Kay Ash in the parking lot. I couldn’t withhold my enthusiasm. I ran up to her. She turned kindly to me and looked me in the eye.

“I want to thank you for helping me.”

I don’t recall what she said. But I recall her look. It was kind. I could tell she was glad that she could help me.

The encounter didn’t last long. About one minute.

But it counted.

It counted in my soul.

She told me in that instant I mattered.

Because she took opportunity to publically honor Christ from time to time, I knew she did what she did because of Jesus.

Jesus helped heal me through the hands of the doctors, my parents who got me to the hospital and Mary Kay who helped me get in to the hospital.

Who can I offer one minute of Jesus to today?

Just wondering.

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