Real Love Isn’t Magic – It Multiplies (Part 3/3)

denise-croppedGod’s love came to us in the form of Christ, a multiplier walking in God’s perfect desires. He let God’s love flow through him in order to show others the Father’s love. Christ was the perfect genius. After all, God, through Jesus, created the world we were born into, walk on, learn from, gather nourishment from and find his love in many forms through family, marriage, community and church. 1

Though these blessings are temporary, they must be cherished and multiplied to God’s specifications, not my own. That’s the hardest part of following God, listening in the quiets when it’s easiest to let my mind and emotions take over.

Jim McGuiggan says so simply, yet eloquently in his book, The God of the Towel, “God’s view of himself is Jesus Christ.” God multiplied himself mysteriously in the form of a man who could relate to our victories and pains, and is teaching us how to navigate the positives and negatives from God’s point of view.

God’s knows his love is good for us. If we take the love he gives us and give it to others — even in the least thing — we are whole, even though we may at times be painfully aware of our failings. Forgiveness is God’s love covering and removing our failings before his perfect eyes.

Isn’t forgiveness a beautiful gift to receive from God and give to others? 2 Sometimes it is up to us to give it to others before we receive it from God. 3 It’s simply good for us to love God’s way, to be a doorway to receive from Him and offer it to others like a lake that takes in water from the head stream and lets it out to nourish the land down the way.

May God the multiplier capture my heart today with his infinite love. May that love swallow up pride of any kind and consume me more with his great hope. May I desire him more today than yesterday. May I see him as a God whose perfect law of liberty4 is higher than any rule I derive from personal and intimate study of his Holy Scriptures. May I see his story as a love story where he rules. May I multiply God’s love by naming and sharing the blessings in my life, rejecting the idea that love magically appears from nothing.


1 Colossians 1:16

2 Luke 7:47

3 Luke 6:37

4 James 1:25

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